The Office of Communications and Marketing is responsible for many of University of Delaware’s main websites. These include: 


We also partner with Information Technology to support campus web services. The digital team provides design and development support to campus units through the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) content management system. We maintain design guidelines, templates, and components for use in AEM. These services simplify the process of website creation and maintenance and promote consistency university branding and web design.

Creating a website at University of Delaware

Self-Service Websites

  • EduBlogs platform powered by
    WordPress CMS
  • Pre-designed UD template available 
  • No cost
  • Administered through UD IT 


OCM-Hosted Websites

  • Adobe Experience Manager CMS 
  • Pre-designed UD templates
  • No cost
  • Administered through OCM

Contact digitalteam@udel.edu

Other Options


You may choose another system or work with a vendor, in accordance with Procurement policies and guidelines, to create your website. Any udel.edu domain entities must be in compliance with the university brand style guide and are subject to review by OCM.


URL Approvals

The role of OCM is to ensure that URLs within the udel.edu domain are aligned with the university’s identity and that they are appropriately labeled based on the content of the website or application. This includes limiting top-level vanities and subdomains to university-wide entities and initiatives. All other websites must be included within the parent entity’s website path structure.

To submit a request for a top-level URL within the udel.edu domain (e.g. udel.edu/vanity), please fill out the UD Vanity URL Request Form.

To request approval for a top-level subdomain (e.g. subdomainexample.udel.edu), please fill out the UD Subdomain Approval Request form.


Please contact your unit's communications team for further instruction if your content is not approved for a top-level udel.edu domain.