Creative Services

The Office of Communications and Marketing provides creative services that help enhance and advance the University of Delaware through print communications, including newsletters, brochures, postcards, posters, ads, displays, vehicle wraps, murals and signage.

The Creative Services unit also directs strategic photography and videography projects for the University, and provides guidance and support to UD units for these tools and tactics. Campus partners seeking video coverage for documentation purposes should contact Media Services.



OCM provides creative support for central priorities of the University of Delaware. Requests must be submitted via our creative request form and will be vetted for strategic alignment with University and college or unit goals and objectives. Schedules for different types of jobs vary based upon the complexity of your project. Additional factors including the urgency of your need and our current workload can affect production times.

It will be your responsibility to prepare the text. We can accommodate text created in most word processing formats, although Microsoft Word files are preferred. If there is any doubt about the type of electronic file you will provide, please contact our office. Please note that we are not able to access Microsoft Publisher files.

When preparing your files, please keep in mind:

  • Do not format your text other than to break it into paragraphs. There is no need to boldface, italicize or underline text.
  • Do not place your text into columns or use symbols and characters unique to your word processing software.
  • If your text consists of more than one article, save each article as a separate file. To facilitate production of your project, please submit a hard copy of your text along with your file. Any special formatting needs may be indicated on the printout.

When you review your layout, you will be asked to read the text carefully and to approve the design and any text changes. Remember, modifications to your publication at later stages of production are expensive and can delay completion of your job. Please review all materials promptly and carefully at each step of the production process before giving the final approval to print. You are responsible for the accuracy of your materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reference the UD Brand portion of the OCM website for information on trademarks and licensing, including logos.

University Printing serves as the first point of contact for all print jobs at the University of Delaware. 

OCM maintains a list of approved UD vendors who are licensed for the production of giveaways and apparel, and can provide recommendations for outside print vendors. Please contact Danny Wright for additional information.

*All official UD letterhead, stationery and business cards must be ordered by University Printing only.

Official UD letterhead, stationary, envelopes and business cards are available on campus through University Printing ONLY. These should not be ordered from a third party company unless pre-approved by OCM. Additionally, business card templates have been created for graduate and post-graduate students, and are available through University Printing.

Campus signage, from building identification to directional signs, is another way in which UD maintains a consistent brand identity. All exterior building and directional signage should be developed in cooperation with the University of Delaware Office of Facilities Planning and Construction and the UD Architect:

142 General Services Building
222 South Chapel St.
Newark, DE 19716-1744
Fax: 302-831-8294
Telephone: 302- 831-1744

To request a new sign, please submit a completed Request for Service-Facilities Form to the Office of Facilities Planning and Construction.

In order to ensure the safety and health of the occupants of University buildings and structures at all times and limit potential damage to buildings and other structures, the University of Delaware permits academic departments, administrative units and recognized student organizations to hang banners on the UD Newark campus subject to certain requirements.

To request banner space, see banner size guidelines, and to make contact for a specific building, please see the UD Banner Guidelines.

View the current Banner Policy.

Please note that font use is limited to communication specialist or equivalent roles.

Complete the Font Download Request Form

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