The University’s marks consist of a primary logo, UD monogram and the University mascot. The logos and lettering must be used uniformly according to University of Delaware’s Brand Style Guide. If you wish to order apparel, giveaway items or anything bearing a UD logo, mark or name, please read through Securing Approvals on UD Apparel and Giveaways.

Please do not use Google images for downloading UD logos and marks. Many of these images are either outdated, incorrect or very low resolution. Always obtain all marks from either the download area on this website or from OCM directly.

Use of these images is subject to all applicable local, state and federal laws of copyright and libel as well as certain restrictions of the University. They are to be used only by members of the University of Delaware community, including faculty and staff, as well as outside parties who have first obtained permission from the Office of Communications and Marketing. The images are not to be used for profit, without prior written permission in a context unconnected with the University of Delaware in a manner that could be construed as endorsement of other organizations, products or services. The University’s Brand Style Guide, which includes information related to the use of these logos, must be respected.

By proceeding, you have read and understood the terms above and agree to observe them.


Click on the specific logo file format of your choice and login using your name and password.

UD Community Name: [ your UDel account name ], Password: [ your UDel account password ]

External Client Please Email trademark-licensing@udel.edu for name and password. Please include all pertinent information including specific logo use, type of item on which logo will be used, quantity, whether the item will be sold or used as a giveaway, and name of vendor if applicable.

EPS= Encapsulated PostScript Format. A vector-based file format, the EPS is used by professional graphic designers and commercial printers. The file is intended to be inserted, placed, or imported into a document. DO NOT double click on the EPS files unless you are using Adobe Illustrator; otherwise, you will damage the vector file. An EPS file can be enlarged dramatically without affecting its quality.

TIFF = Tagged-Image File Format. The TIFF file, also known as TIF file, is platform-independent and can be used on a PC or Mac. It is a bitmap file and should not be enlarged more than 20 percent or quality will be lost. TIFF files may be reduced in size without losing quality. TIFF files are supported by virtually all word-processing, image-editing, page-layout, and paint applications.

JPG=  Joint Photographic Experts Group format.  JPG files, also known as JPEG files, are a common file format for digital photos and other digital graphics. When JPG files are saved, they use “lossy” compression, meaning image quality is lost as file size decreases. They are the most common file type for images taken with digital cameras, and widely used for photos and other graphics used on websites and should not be used on printed or high resolution pieces.


The UD monogram is used for lockups with the colleges. Logos are not provided or approved for individual schools, departments, majors, or centers that fall within a college (with the exception of named centers/institutes).

Use the college monogram lock-up on marketing materials; the department/unit is then referenced in body copy. Official college logos can be obtained from your college communications team or OCM.


Non-College Units

The UD monogram is used for lockups with executive level administrative units, at the President's Cabinet level.


Research Centers and Institutes

The University of Delaware has more than 80 research centers and institutes. The majority are housed within colleges, and therefore defer to the college logo guidance above.  Six research institutes are administered centrally, and therefore are provided monogram lockups.  Please contact OCM for the files for the following:

  • Data Science Institute (DSI)
  • Delaware Biotechnology Institute (DBI)
  • Delaware Energy Institute (UDEI)
  • Delaware Environmental Institute (DENIN)
  • Delaware Rehabilitation Institute (DRI)
  • Institute of Energy Conversion (IEC)


**Official Logos on Merchandise  

Uniforms, apparel, tablecloths and giveaways (pins, pens, etc.) may be treated somewhat differently in the use of logos. Please work with a UD approved vendor to determine the appropriate use.

UD Primary Logo – White

UD Community Use External Client Use
high-res .eps high-res .eps

UD Monogram – White/Reversed

UD Community Use External Client Use
high-res .eps high-res .eps

Fightin' YoUDee – Blue

UD Community Use External Client Use
high-res CMYK .eps high-res CMYK .eps
high-res CMYK .tif file high-res CMYK .tif file

Struttin' YoUDee – Blue

UD Community Use External Client Use
high-res CMYK .eps high-res CMYK .eps
high-res CMYK .tif file high-res CMYK .tif file

University of Delaware Word Marks

Registered Terms: The following are officially registered in association with the University and its athletic teams.

University of Delaware®
Fightin’ Blue HensTM
Blue Hens®
Blue HenTM
Fear the BirdTM
Hen TracksTM

Unacceptable Uses: The University and its teams or other affiliates should not be referred to by the following terms.

U of D
Delaware University
Univ. of Delaware
Univ. of Dela.
U of DE
U of Del.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in order for the University to maintain and protect its value, permission must be obtained from the Office of Communications and Marketing and a licensed vendor must be used.

Please contact OCM prior to production for approval or have your vendor submit the artwork for approval. RSOs must obtain approval through University Student Centers.  

These requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Permission must first be obtained before using any University of Delaware mark.

Trademarks and logos are to be accurately reproduced and must appear in the exact form as registered, including the appropriate trademark designation and may not be altered without the express consent of the Office of Communications and Marketing.