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The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources fulfills the tripartite mission of land-grant institutions – teaching, research and extension.
From wildlife conservation to crop genomics, veterinary medicine to behavioral economics, we explore every facet of our natural world. Join us as we search for solutions to life's grandest challenges.

The future of research

Explore Worrilow Hall, our newly redesigned research hub and one of the most modern, state-of-the-art learning facilities on the University of Delaware campus.

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Recent news

  • UD Professor Don Sparks smiles, enjoying the celebration of his career attended by many of his former students.

    Scientific mentorship

    June 14, 2024 | Written by Katie Peikes | Photos by Evan Krape and Kathy F. Atkinson and courtesy of University Archives
    UD plant and soil sciences alumni say mentorship was a hallmark of Don Sparks’ illustrious UD career.
  • Swinging into scientific success

    June 13, 2024 | Written by Nya Wynn | Photos Courtesy of Oihana Etxezarreta Hernandez
    International student-athlete Oihana Etxezarreta Hernandez excels in Women’s Golf and as an animal biosciences major.
  • Reader's Digest claims this is the best ice cream in Delaware. Have you tried it?

    June 10, 2024 | Written by Krys'tal Griffin, Delaware News Journal
    UDairy Creamery was named the best ice cream in Delaware by Reader's Digest, which came out with a list of the best ice cream in each state.
  • A Sweet Solution to an Old Problem

    June 06, 2024 | Written by Michele Walfred | Photos by Michele Walfred
    An estimated 2,400 poultry houses lie vacant from the early era of Delmarva poultry’s boom. Owners of these homes face a challenge: repair, remove or renovate. All of the options are costly, and few are practical. Instead of collecting cobwebs, what if these structures can produce something sweet and nutritious?
  • Life in the Lab

    June 05, 2024 | Written by Molly Schafer | Photos by Jeremy Wayman
    UD alumna MacKenzie Sharp uses her research experience to study bacteria and the microbiome. As an associate scientist for International Flavors and Fragrances, she performs microbiology research for Next Gen Probiotics (NGP). Sharp attests that the non-thesis master’s in Animal Science set her apart and allowed her to excel in her career. Sharp says her UD research with Prof. Li helped prepare her for her current role.

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Extending education to the public

College of Agriculture & Natural Resources | University of Delaware
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources | University of Delaware
CANR. had a presence at the Food Bank's Hunger Conference. Setting up stations for the children to learn about nutrition, conservation, gardening, insects, and food insecurity.

Land-Grant Institution

In 1869, the University of Delaware (UD) College of Agriculture and Natural Resources was established as the state’s land-grant university with a mission consisting of three elements: teaching, research and “extension”. Cooperative Extension fulfills the third part of this mission: bringing knowledge to the people of Delaware. Today, we offer university knowledge, research and resources — just for you!

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College graduates with expertise in food, agriculture, renewable natural resources and the environment are essential to our ability to address the U.S. priorities of food security, sustainable energy and environmental quality.

- U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

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Uniquely UD

The UD College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Newark Farm is a testament to the college's more than 150 years of innovation and education. Covering 350 acres on the main campus, it's a hands-on learning hub for students and faculty, exploring animals, crops, wetlands, and greenhouses. Tradition meets research, shaping leaders in agriculture and beyond. Since Delaware became a land-grant university, the farm has focused on hands-on learning. Its impact extends beyond campus, supporting farmers, researchers, and policymakers statewide. Through programs like Cooperative Extension, we turn knowledge into action for a stronger economy, environment, and community.

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