Why choose us?

The top 10 reasons to choose CANR

  1. Small college within a mid-sized university – It’s the best of both worlds! Benefit from close interaction with your faculty and fellow students, but also enjoy the amenities and resources of a mid-sized university.
  2. You always count! – You won’t be in a class with hundreds of other students at CANR. In most cases, two-thirds of your classes will have fewer than 30 students. You’ll have lots of opportunities for great discussions and will have professors who know you by name!
  3. Lots of opportunities to make a difference – Whether you love animals, theater, sports, plants or grilling, there is a club for you! With 18 clubs within the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and almost 300 organizations across the University, you have lots of opportunities to get involved and make a significant difference in our community!
  4. Our 350-acre classroom – The best classroom right on main campus is our 350-acre facility includes a dairy farm, equine barns, statistics and experimental economics labs, botanic gardens, greenhouses, ecology woods, a wetland, an apiary, a creamery and much, more! In fact, we’re one of only a handful of colleges in the nation that has a working farm right on campus.
  5. Hands-on experiences – As early as freshman year, students Learn by doing and seeing — accruing practical experience both inside and outside of the classroom. Students in every major may work in a lab, in the gardens, on the farm, or intern with local businesses and organizations to expand their knowledge.
  6. The world of research – In the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the word research goes beyond the stereotype of white coats and sterile labs. Research opportunities are available in our laboratories, greenhouses, forest, gardens, and with local industries, and organizations as early as freshman year.
  7. Exceptional teaching – Our renowned faculty have been recognized both nationally and internationally for both their teaching and research. They are accessible, too, and take pride working side-by-side with students. Many have earned outstanding academic advisement awards. Their doors are always open!
  8. Study abroad There’s nothing better than learning more about the world and your place in it than exploring beyond our borders. As citizens in a global community, our students enjoy the opportunity to explore the world including Tanzania, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Dominica, Costa Rica, and more!
  9. Jobs after college – Not only will you be prepared when you graduate from CANR, but you will be in a great position to secure a job. Agriculture and natural resource professionals are needed now more than ever. In fact, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that there are two jobs to every graduate of agriculture and related sciences.
  10. We are here to help – CANR is a student-centered college where faculty and staff want you to be successful. The Office of Undergraduate Services stands ready to help you in whatever way we can to make your college years productive and memorable.