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Manage Your Payments and Financial Aid

The official communication method for financial aid and billing notifications at the University of Delaware is email and, therefore, no paper bills are mailed. My Finances is a self-service tool designed to allow students to view up-to-date account activity, make payments, review financial aid, see open items for finalizing your aid, and view/print 1098T tax information.

Billing & Payment

The University does not remove undergraduate students from their classes for nonpayment.  Students who are registered for courses are responsible for all tuition/fee charges associated with that enrollment unless they officially drop or withdraw from courses through UDSIS before the free drop/add period ends for that term.  No refunds of tuition or course fees will be given for withdrawals or dropped courses that occur after the free drop/add period ends.   

Tuition/fee and other mandatory charges for those courses are billed prior to the start of each term, or upon registration for those who register after the start of classes.  Payments are due according to the schedule below.

Note:  The payment due date for Graduate/Professional and Continuing Education students is the first day of classes for each term.  As a result, installment plan* enrollees will pay in 3 installments; subsequent due dates coincide with the 3rd and 4th installment due dates as listed below.

2024 Fall Semester
Billing Communication
Payment in Full August 1
1st Installment*
August 1
2nd Installment* September 1
3rd Installment* October 1
4th Installment* November 1

2025 Winter Session
Billing Communication
Early December
Payment in Full
January 3
2025 Spring Semester
Billing Communication
Early December
Payment in Full January 3
1st Installment*
January 3
2nd Installment* February 3
3rd Installment* March 3
4th Installment* April 3

2025 Summer Session
Billing Communication
Early May
Payment in Full
June 9
  • Installment Payment Plan
    Using My Finances, students may opt to pay Fall and Spring Semester charges via UD's installment payment plan, whereby payments are divided into 4 monthly installments (3 installments for graduate and Professional & Continuing Education students).  A $50 fee is applied upon enrollment in the installment plan, and a $25 late fee is charged for each late installment payment.  Please note:  enrollment in the IPP does not store account information or establish automatic payments; students will need to initiate payment and re-enter payment information for each installment.
  • Late Fees
    Students not enrolled in the installment payment plan whose accounts are not financially cleared by the specified due date will be charged a $55 late fee each monthly billing cycle.  Student accounts enrolled in the installment payment plan will incur a $25 late fee for each installment payment not received by that month's due date.

UD accepts the following payment methods:

  • Financial Aid
    Financial aid, including grants, scholarships, and loans, generally pay directly to the student account to reduce the overall amount due.  Students are encouraged to explore all possible sources of financial aid.
  • Online Check (ACH)
    Use your bank account and routing numbers to have payment directly debited from your account.  If you are using an equity line of credit or money market account, please check with the bank prior to using the ACH method; some institutions will not allow ACH payments to be completed and will return the online check.
  • Credit Card
    UD's credit card payments are processed by CashNet, a third party vendor accepting four major credit/debit cards:  VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  CashNet assesses a service fee (2.95% domestic / 4.25% international) for credit card payment processing.
  • Mail a Check (Personal, Outside Scholarship, 529 Plan, etc.)
    My Finances provides a printable remittance slip to include with your mailed payment.  Be sure to include student ID and full name on the check, cashier's check, or money order (and encourage outside funding suppliers to do the same), and mail to Cashier's Office, 30 Lovett Avenue, Newark, DE, 19716.
  • International Payments
    UD has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions to provide enhanced ability for international students to make payments from their home countries with reduced transaction fees.
  • Other Funding Sources
    Payments may also come from external sources, such as outside scholarships, third-party payers, employers, veterans, or other sponsors.
  • Graduate Payroll Deduction
    Funded graduate students receiving a stipdend from UD are eligible to opt into payroll deduction, which allows their fees to be paid in installments from their stipend payment.  Students wishing to enroll in this payment option should complete two steps:


Student Aid Refunds

Students who are eligible to receive Federal Aid that creates a Title IV (federal grants and loans) credit balance, are eligible to purchase books and supplies up to 30 days prior to the semester beginning. When purchasing books at the University bookstore students must confirm they are using their financial aid and these charges will billed to your student account and reduce any student aid refunds available after aid has paid to the accounts.

Otherwise, refunds for education-related expenses (including room and board) not billed by UD are available when financial aid exceeds University-billed charges, and credits appear on the student account. Students are notified at their UD email when their disbursed aid has paid and credited a refund. At that time they can login to their UDSIS account and “Request a Refund”. Refunds can be issued via direct deposit (students will need to provide bank routing and account information upon requesting the refund) or mailed check, which will be sent to the students' home address.

Note that any refund that is made up by Title IV Federal Aid will be automatically processed within 14 days of the application of the aid to the student’s account, in accordance with federal regulations. The only exception is when a student gives specific written permission to hold all or a portion of the credit balance for additional tuition and fees during the same loan period, within the limited circumstances permitted by federal regulations.

Refunds are available after financial aid has paid to the student account the week classes begin. Paying of aid may be delayed for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Financial aid action items, e.g., federal verification or loan requirements, prevent aid from paying.
  • Student is enrolled part-time and their aid eligibility is under review.
  • Refund holds are in place on student accounts.
  • Student is not enrolled.
  • Student’s refund is from athletic funding (requires approval from Athletics)

Refund checks that are not cashed within 180 days will be reviewed by Student Financial Services. If refunds are not taken after SFS sends their last notification, the credit refund amount will be considered as unclaimed property.


Financial Clearance

Financial clearance is how SFS defines a student account in good standing.  This status protects the student account from late fees, transcript/registration holds, and potential course cancellation, and is achieved by one or more of the following actions.

  • Payment in full by the payment due date
  • Installment payments made by their respective due dates
  • Recorded additional funding not yet posted to the account via the Report Additional Credits function in My Finances
    1. Click the pencil icon to Report Additional Credits.
    2. Select the appropriate category from the Type dropdown.
    3. Enter amount.
    4. Enter comment explaining source of funding.
    5. Click "Save credits."
    6. In order for credits to be properly recorded, click "Submit" (if no additional payment is due) or complete the payment (if there is a remaining balance due).

Financial aid for any term is disbursed, or paid, to the student account within two weeks of the start of that term.  Aid not yet disbursed to the student account will show in My Finances as Pending Aid, and will reduce the balance due.  Students should complete all requirements for disbursement (listed on the To Do List) within 45 days of the aid offer so that the aid remains on the student account.

Students expecting other funds not reflected as pending aid should report these as additional credits in My Finances to update the balance due and allow accurate payment.  This involves providing the type, amount, and other important information about the award.  Parent PLUS loans, 529 plans, third party sponsorships, and deferred employee benefits are common examples of additional credits reported.

After reviewing pending aid and reporting any necessary additional credits, students should complete the payment process as prompted on My Finances to ensure financial clearance.


Outside Funding Sources

Some students receive funding from outside of University or federal/state financial aid.  Some of these sources include employers, veterans benefits, and foreign governments.

An organization that funds all or part of a student's education and wishes to be billed directly by the University is considered a third party sponsor.  The sponsor provides the student with a sponsor-approved voucher or letter of credit authorizing the University to invoice the organization for any applicable tuition/fees. An invoice will be sent to the sponsor after the free drop/add period each semester. If a payment is not received from the sponsor in a timely manner then a hold will be placed on the account preventing future registration, as well as, receipt of transcript or diploma. The student will then become fully liable for charges not paid by the sponsor.

  1. Submit all sponsor authorization documents, including sponsor-approved voucher or letter of credit, and the completed Third Party Sponsor Billing Agreement form to
  2. Financially clear the student account.
    1. In My Finances, click the pencil icon to Report Additional Credits.
    2. Select "Third Party" from the Type dropdown.
    3. Enter amount.
    4. Enter comment explaining source of funding.
    5. Click "Save credits."
  3. In order to record credits, you must click "Submit" (if no additional payment is due) or complete payment (if there is a remaining balance due).

Students eligible for tuition reimbursement from an employer upon submission of grades may defer payment of covered tuition and fees.

  1. Financially clear the student account by selecting the relevant deferred option under Report Additional Credits.  Provide dollar amount of employee benefit in the Amount box and the employer's name in Comment box.
  2. Make payment for remaining balance due by the term due date.

SFS will verify the tuition agreement and adjust the account due date to 30 days after final grades are published.

University of Delaware offers a variety of educational assistance programs to meet the needs of its faculty, staff, or eligible members of their families.  Information on tuition remission, course fee waivers, and tuition exchange programs can be found on the Human Resources website.

A 529 Plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan specifically for educational costs savings.  Students making account payments using 529 funds that are sent via mailed check should have the check made out to University of Delaware and sent to Cashier's Office, 30 Lovett Avenue, Newark, DE, 19716.  Ensure that the check includes student's full name and UDID.

University of Delaware is committed to helping student veterans and military service members in their transition from military to college life.  Student veterans can find information and dedicated support at the Student Veterans website.

Many students receive additional funding from outside scholarships.  Funding organizations can mail checks to Cashier's Office, 30 Lovett Avenue, Newark, DE, 19716, and should include student's full name and UDID on the check and accompanying documentation.


Form 1098-T

Students with eligible charges and payments can access tax Form 1098-T by logging on to My Finances.  Each tax year's form is posted in late January.  SFS encourages students to work with tax advisors to determine eligibility for educational tax credits.


Holds & Collections

UD requires the student account be paid in full before the student registers for a future term.  Student accounts that are not financially cleared are subject to holds.  These holds will prevent registration for future terms and/or transcript/diploma release.

Students who are no longer enrolled at the University, due to graduation, separation, or withdrawal, and who have outstanding balances, will be referred to the Collections Services Unit within the Cashier's Office.  Collections Services will attempt to work with students through their collections process.


Accepted Terms & Conditions

The student account and usage of University of Delaware financial aid and billing sites (including, but not limited to, UDSIS, My FInances, and this website) are governed by the following terms and conditions.

  • Preferred Email
    UD Student Financial Services solely uses email to communicate to its students and authorized parents/guardians, and requests any electronic messages be read in a timely manner.  Students are responsible for managing student accounts, for maintaining active email addresses in UDSIS, and for reviewing all emails sent to designated email address(es).
    Billing communications will be sent to students' UDEL email addresses and to any email addresses to which students have granted My Finances access (via the Parent/Guardian Services administration website).
  • Financial Obligation of Registration
    The act of registering generates related tuition charges for which students are financially responsible.  Students must officially drop or withdraw from courses through UDSIS before the free drop/add period ends for the given term in order to receive a full refund of tuition and fees.  No refunds of tuition or course fees will be given for withdrawals or dropped courses completed after the free drop/add period expires.
  • Delinquent Accounts
    For accounts in delinquent status, the following actions will occur:
    • Prohibited registration and release of transcripts or diplomas
    • Assessed late fees for each month the account remains unpaid
    • Collection activity and potential legal action to effect the settlement of the account, with all reasonable collections costs (including attorney fees and other charges) being the liability of the students
  • Financial Aid Terms and Conditions
    Students are responsible to review federally mandated disclosures and appropriate consumer information regarding financial aid awards.
  • Cutoff Hours
    Payments received prior to 2:30pm, Monday-Friday (excluding bank holidays) will be processed the same day.
  • Erroneous Instructions
    The University of Delaware shall have no obligation or liability for errors in payment authorizations.
  • Funds Availability
    In the event of insufficient funds to cover authorized transfers, UD will assess a returned item fee of $25.00 in addition to any applicable late fees.
  • Limitations
    Users agree that neither the University of Delaware nor its employees, nor any party involved in creating or delivering this website, is liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from access to, or use of, this website.
  • Online Payment Processing
    UD and CashNet both adhere to all applicable federal, state, and banking regulation security standards.  CashNet secures personal information through VeriSign (Secure Sockets Layer [SSL] 128-bit encryption), which creates a protected connection between users and the web server.  Users' account numbers and personal data are never sent over the internet unencrypted.  Online payment via ACH complies with NACHA standards.