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Flexible Benefits: Annually in May; plan year July 1–June 30

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA): Annually in November; plan year January 1–December 31

Changes that can be made during annual Flexible Benefits enrollment:

  • Change to a different health plan option;
  • Enroll in a health, dental or vision plan if you declined coverage previously;
  • Add or remove dependents (i.e. change your coverage level);
  • Drop coverage for health, dental or vision insurance;
  • Change to a different level of disability and/or life insurance.

Please refer to the Benefits At-a-Glance section of this site for a summary of options for which you may be eligible.

Benefits Effective Date

Employees with a hire date on the first day of the month, will have benefits effective the first day of the month. Those with a hire date after the first day of the month, will have benefits effective the first day of the following month.

Application Process
(Health, prescription drug, dental, vision, life and disability insurance)

  •  New hires and/or newly benefitted employees must apply for coverage within thirty days of their hire date.
  • If employees do not enroll during the first thirty days of eligibility, they must wait for the annual Flexible Benefits Open Enrollment in May to apply for coverage (effective July 1).
  • If employees do not enroll in the Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Plan during the first thirty days of eligibility they must wait for the annual FSA Open Enrollment in November to apply for coverage (effective January 1).


  • In 10-14 business days after enrollment is confirmed, ID cards will be mailed to the employees address on file. Cards will not be issued for the dental plan, please use the dental claim form for the plan ID. Participants may use the appropriate plan claim form to file for reimbursement for services rendered prior to receipt of ID cards, Aetna or Highmark.
  • If you do not receive your ID card within 3-5 weeks after enrollment, call the company directly to request an ID card.
  • If you enrolled but need services before receiving your ID cards, call the company directly and ask about the reimbursement procedure. Until you receive your card(s), you may need to pay for services in full and then file for reimbursement from the company. Be sure to save all receipts.
  • Please check your enrollment confirmation e-mail or Flex Benefits View in webviews to view your benefit elections. Contact information for each carrier can be found on the Benefits website.

Retirement/Pension Plan

  • Faculty and staff must submit a salary deferral through the TIAA portal in order to participate in the plan.
  • Full-time faculty and staff who are not SEPP participants are eligible for University matching contributions to begin as soon as administratively feasible after an election is submitted through TIAA.
  • Eligible non-exempt staff employees are enrolled in the SEPP upon hire.

Online Vendor Access

See our website for a full listing of vendor contact information

UD system views and transactions

Please log into webviews to see your information as it is recorded in the UD system. Webforms are the online tool for you conduct transactions through the University.

Plan Year

Flexible Spending Accounts: January 1 - December 31

Flexible Benefits (health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance): July 1-June 30

Qualifying Life Events

Employees are permitted to change coverage elections outside of annual open enrollment if they experience a change in family status, as defined by federal law. A change of status happens when:

  • You marry or divorce;
  • You have or adopt a child;
  • Your spouse becomes employed, loses his or her job (full-time employment) or involuntarily loses medical coverage;
  • Your spouse or your dependent child dies;
  • Your dependents become ineligible for coverage;
  • You or your spouse have a change in job status from full-time to part-time or vice versa;
  • You or your spouse take an unpaid leave of absence;
  • You or your spouse have a significant change in health coverage due to a change in your spouse's employment.

Note: Health insurance carrier changes in your spouse's plan from another employer are not considered family status changes.


You have up to 30 days from the date of the event to add/remove a spouse and/or dependent. Benefits will be retroactive to the date of birth, adoption, marriage, or date of loss of other coverage.


You will be required to pay the employee portion of the premium for the entire month that includes the event date.


Coverage under the health, dental, and vision plans terminates at midnight on the last day of the month of separation from employment. Should an employee separate from the University, he or she may continue membership by paying premiums directly to the Insurance Carrier (under COBRA regulations) or by transferring coverage to another employer.


Adding a spouse

Adding a dependent child

  • Family Status and Benefits Change Form
  • Birth Notification with footprints (until the birth certificate is obtained)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Social Security Card (upon receipt)
  • Adoption order (if applicable)

Removing a spouse or dependent child

  • Family Status and Benefits Change Form
  • Birth Notification with footprints (until the birth certificate is obtained)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Social Security Card (upon receipt)
  • Adoption order (if applicable)

Name change

Submit a copy of your social security card (showing your new name) to the Human Resources. Please write your previous/maiden name, along with your employee ID number, on the copy of the card. Human Resources is located at 413 Academy Street, 1st floor, suite 150 (Fax 831-1482). Please contact hrhelp@udel.edu for other ways to submit your documents.

Address change

  • Log in to Web Forms through the Central Authentication Service (CAS).
  • Complete the HR Employee Demographic Data web form. Once the information is updated in the University's human resource information system, it will be electronically transmitted to your health, prescription drug, dental and vision benefit providers.
  • To update your information with the retirement investment companies, please call TIAA 800-842-2776 or for Legacy Accounts Fidelity Investments 800-343-0860.

Change tax withholdings

If you wish to change the amount that is withheld from your pay, please log in to Web Forms through the Central Authentication Service (CAS) to complete a PAY W4 Form.

Update beneficiaries

Different beneficiary designation forms are required for your UD life insurance, University of Delaware 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan, Voluntary 457(b) and Delaware Employees' Pension Plan.  Please review the following information to update your beneficiaries.

Life insurance

You may want to consider purchasing Group Life Insurance or Dependent Group Life Insurance for your spouse and child or changing the amount of life insurance you currently purchase for yourself.