Work Arrangements and Resources for Success

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 A flexible work arrangement includes flexibility in the scheduling of hours worked, such as alternative work schedules  (e.g., flex time and compressed workweeks); flexibility in the number of hours worked, such as part time work and job shares; and flexibility in the place of work, such as working at home or at a specific location. UD considers flexible work to be a viable alternative in cases where the characteristics of the employee, supervisor and the employee’s work/role are compatible with such an arrangement.

Getting Started

Take a step back and consider the best ways to make your work arrangement work for you and your department.


If you are working remotely or have a hybrid arrangement, you must complete a Telework Agreement.



Keep connected to networks, systems and applications, find information and resources for using technology.


Consider the various types of work arrangements for your employees, depending on the needs of the position.

Getting Started

  • Administrative support function
  • Not student or customer-facing
  • Measurable outcomes
  • Majority of work is done independently
  • Collaboration can be achieved remotely


  • Student or customer-facing
  • Walk-in student or customer service
  • On-campus resources required, such as lab space or facility needs
  • High levels of personal interaction
  • Management of on-campus team

Remote work is not the only option to consider for an individual's working arrangement. The following options may be applicable to all roles.

  • Alternative arrival or departure times
  • Compressed schedules
  • Job share
  • Reduction in time


Here are some resources on how to think about your approach in making this effort successful.


Consider the employee’s responsibilities and their abilities to be successful when determining appropriate working arrangements.  Also, any type of arrangement should be reviewed periodically to ensure success.  


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  • If an employee requires a workplace accommodation to work remotely due to medical reasons, contact UD’s Office for Disability Support Services for assistance.
  •  If an employee is on a visa, the employee must comply with the visa requirements and ensure that they can be met in a remote work environment. For more information, contact the UD’s Office of International Students and Scholars.
  • If the employee is currently residing out of state, the employee must comply with all state laws that impact their remote work.

We offer these resources for managers as frameworks to ensure a consistent process.


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