DTCC Tuition waiver exchange

If selected by lottery, this tuition assistance waives the tuition for a spouse or eligible child enrolled in a full-time degree granting program at Delaware Technical Community College.


Full-time benefit-eligible faculty and staff

Who Can Use this Benefit

Spouse, eligible dependent child

Dependent children must be under the age of 26 by the free/drop add day of the semester in which the benefit will be used.  If the child is 19 years or older and not a full-time student, a Tax Certification Form will be requested.

Participating Colleges

Delaware Technical Community College


This exchange program provides a chance at one of a limited number of scholarships which waive the fall and spring tuition for one dependent who is enrolled on a full-time basis (a minimum of 12 credit hours) in a degree-granting program at DTCC.


The student must:

  • meet dependent eligibility requirements;
  • apply for, and receive admission to, a degree-granting program at DTCC;
  • be registered full-time in that DTCC program before the mid-August drawing is conducted;
  • complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); and
  • apply for, and be found ineligible for, a State of Delaware SEED grant. The Delaware SEED (Student Excellence Equals Degree) grants are provided by the State of Delaware and cover tuition for Delaware-resident students.

DTCC Application Process

Individuals who wish to participate in the lottery should submit the DTCC Lottery Application (see below) once announced in UDaily (mid-June). Human Resources will notify each participant regarding their standing, following the completion of the lottery drawing in mid-August.


  • Submission of an application for DTCC Waiver Exchange does not guarantee an award. DTCC will notify your dependent directly if a DTCC scholarship is granted.
  • The DTCC Tuition Waiver, if awarded, does count against the University of Delaware limit of two full-time tuition benefits per semester per family.