Lasher Lab

Lasher Lab

Nanette Olmeda-Geniec

Senior Scientist and Veterinarian, Lasher Lab

Office Location:
Lasher Lab
Carvel Research and Education Center
16483 County Seat Highway
Georgetown, Delaware 19947



D.V.M. Veterinary Medicine, University of Tennessee

Ph.D. University of Delaware, Characterization of Infectious Bursal Disease virus isolates in commercial chickens.

M.S. Master of Science with a concentration on Poultry Pathology. Project: Project  In vivo characterization of very virulent Marek’s Disease Virus Isolates.

B.S. Animal Science, University of Tennessee


In 1996-2002, joined Elanco Animal Health providing technical support to the broiler, layer and swine customers in Central and South America.  Responsible for monitoring animal health status, presenting educational programs and technical information to the poultry and swine technical personnel.  2004-2006 worked at UD and later at Aviserve LLC, as Poultry Diagnostician and applied reaseach. 

2006-2020 worked as Poultry Technical Consultant and as Research Scientist for Elanco Animal Health providing technical support on the eastern shore of the U.S. and other areas. 

2021-present  Poultry Diagnostician at the Lasher Lab, Georgetown, University of Delaware

Area(s) of Expertise:

  • Poultry pathology and diagnosis
  • Isolation, characterization and testing of poultry infectious agents
  • Design and execution of applied research projects in poultry and swine for the evaluation of infectious agents or feed additives
  • Poultry educational programs (Spanish or English)