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As UD Blue Hens, we work hard by investing in our communities and directing our drive and ambition to assure a bright future.


In every college on UD's campus, there is award-winning faculty ready to collaborate with you, each committed to your development as a scholar and an individual. UD will cultivate your passion for learning, your curiosity and your connection with the larger world. 

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Important Dates

August 1 - Undergraduate admissions application becomes available for fall semester

January 15 - First year admissions application deadline

May 1 - Deposit deadline for fall semester


Fall Financial Aid Deadlines

October 1 - Begin FAFSA filing

January 15 - Recommended deadline for FAFSA filing

Financing Your Degree



Apparel Design Portfolio Deadline - Rolling


Art & Design Portfolio Deadline - January 15


Music Major Audition Deadline - January 15


Application Process

1. Start your application to the University of Delaware.

2. Complete the information required on the application, indicating if you are interested in the Honors Program.

3. Complete the required essay. You may also choose to answer the optional UD supplemental questions.

4. Pay the $75 application fee and submit your application.

5. Send official high school transcripts to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. 

6. Request official standardized test scores from SAT and/or ACT.*

SAT code 5811, ACT code 0634.

*Delaware residents attending a Delaware high school may choose whether or not to submit their SAT or ACT test scores for first-year admission. 

7. Provide two letters of recommendation (at least one recommendation should come from your school counselor).

What It Takes To Be A Blue Hen 

Academic Rigor

Students applying to UD should have a strong background in core academic courses. High school honors, advanced placement and International Baccalaureate coursework is encouraged.


The one-year average, mid-50% of admitted students for general admissions is between 3.60-3.99, Honors Program is between 3.92-4.17.

Standardized Test Scores

We accept both the SAT (code 5811) and ACT (code 0634). The one-year average, mid-50% of admitted students for general admissions is between 1200-1350 SAT and 25-30 ACT, Honors Program is between 1380-1475 SAT and 30-33 ACT. 


The University of Delaware does not conduct formal interviews as part of the admissions application process. If you have any questions regarding the University of Delaware or applying, please contact your admissions counselor. 

Meet Your Counselor

Evaluation of Disciplinary Information

UD evaluates disciplinary information on a case-by-case basis.

The University of Delaware is committed to upholding the First Amendment and the right of individuals to express themselves and support their beliefs on topics of personal concern such as gun violence. Applicants who share their views in a peaceful and law-abiding way will not be penalized in our admissions process. Our community values the open exchange of ideas in a civil and respectful manner.

Application & Academic Requirements

Subject Years Required Years Recommended
English 4 4
Mathematics 3 4
Science 3 (2 must include lab) 4 (3 must include lab)
History/Social Sciences 4 4
Foreign Languages 2 of the same 4 of the same
Academic Electives 2 2
Total 18 units 20-22 units
* at least two of the units must be history, and one of those must be world history. An additional year of math or science may be substituted for the 4th year of social science.
* American Sign Language (ASL) does fulfill the foreign language requirement. 
† Foreign language courses taken before the ninth grade do not count.
Please note that:
Prospective majors in mathematics, engineering, business, computer science, and natural science should complete four years of mathematics, including trigonometry, pre-calculus, and/or calculus.
Prospective majors in biology, chemistry, physics and all prospective majors in Engineering are expected to take at least one year each of biology, physics, and chemistry, and are strongly urged to take two years of a laboratory science.
Prospective majors in nursing must have completed at least one year of both biology and chemistry, and are strongly urged to take two years of chemistry.

Step 1. To be considered for admission to the Honors Program, respond yes to the question, “Would you like to be considered for the UD Honors Program?" and complete the required essay.


Step 2. Prepare Your Honors Essay.

You will be asked to write a 250 to 500 word essay answering one of these three questions. We’ve provided the questions here in the event you would like to prepare your answer before creating your application.


Question 1: The University of Delaware Strategic Plan emphasizes the role of the University in addressing the grand challenges of our time. Identify one or two grand challenges that you believe are most significant for your generation. What recommendations do you have for addressing these challenges and what outcomes do you hope to see? In what ways will your college experience be relevant?


Question 2: Wallace Bacon, an eminent literary scholar, wrote that the liberal arts and humanities “are concerned with the question of what makes life worth living.” Tell us what you think makes life worth living. Include a brief discussion of any particularly meaningful experiences, works of literature, art, music, etc. that have influenced your perspective and tell us how you intend to explore this question as a UD Honors student.


Question 3: What are you optimistic about. Why?


Step 3. Submit your application. And remember, if you are not admitted into Honors, your application will still be reviewed for general admission to the University.

UD Honors Program

Applicants who are home-schooled or who have attended high schools that are not regionally accredited should follow these recommendations:


Provide a transcript of your grades.  


If you can, provide a sample portfolio of your work or a research paper you’ve written.

Test Scores

Provide SAT or ACT (including the ACT Writing Test) scores. We also require at least two SAT Subject Test scores.  

Apparel Design, Art & Music Applicants


Apparel Design Portfolio Deadline - Rolling

Apparel Design requirements

Art & Design Portfolio Deadline - January 15

Art & Design requirementS

Music Major Audition Deadline - January 15

Music audition requirementS


Occupational Therapy/Health Sciences Applicants

Candidates seeking admission to the Occupational Therapy-Health Sciences BS/MS program in collaboration with Thomas Jefferson University should complete an additional essay (available via the Common Application) by January 15th

Occupational Therapy Major


Medical Dental Scholars Program

This is a unique early admissions dual track premedical/pre-dental eight-year academic program sponsored by the University of Delaware in consort with the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University and the Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University.

Medical Dental Scholars Program

Transferring Credit: Previous College Work, AP, IB & More

The University of Delaware awards test credit for select secondary and post-secondary examinations and education programs.

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Distance Learning

Distance Learning systems provide a greater level of flexibility to busy professionals interested in pursuing a college degree through UD. 

Distance Learning Application


Readmission to the University

Students looking to return to UD for degree-seeking purposes can apply for readmission through the Registrar's Office.

Readmission Application