Lasher Lab: Resources and Services

The mission of the Poultry Diagnostic Laboratory at the University of Delaware. in Georgetown, Delaware. is to provide diagnostic services to the Delmarva Peninsula commercial and private poultry producers in a timely and accurate manner. The laboratory is committed to support the research and educational programs of the university including interactions with other universities. regulatory agencies, commercial companies and individuals. In addition to competent personnel and facilities. accurate test results and diagnoses depend upon the condition of the samples submitted for analysis. We hope that these guidelines will be helpful in collecting and submitting quality samples. If there are any questions regarding proper sample collection or preparation. call the laboratory for clarification or specific directives. 

As of Feb., 23, 2022 the University of Delaware will not accept backyard bird submissions without pre-approval through the Delaware Department of Agriculture (DDA) until further notice. Please do not leave backyard birds at the University of Delaware Holding Room without pre-approval. To contact DDA for pre-approval please email or call (302)698-4507.

Currently, there is no charge to the backyard grower for Avian Influenza and Necropsy.

These costs are supported by the Delaware Department of Agriculture.

Test results depend on the tests needed.  Necropsy reports include a clinical diagnosis. All test results are usually received within 10 days or less.

An Accession Form is required with each submission. Please download the form, fill it out and return it with your submission. For your convenience you may also complete the form at the lab.


Please contact Lisa Collins at (302) 856-7303 ext 702 with any questions. Thank you.

For all submissions, live or dead, please call our laboratory at (302) 856-7303 ext 702. 

Dead birds shoudl be refrigeratated, or placed in an iced cooler prior to submission. Please do not freeze.

Upon submission, please be sure to have the bird(s) placed in a clean container or plastic bag in order to prevent cross-contamination.

Please complete our Accession Form.  This form should be placed with the bird for proper identification. The more information that is provided, the more insight and direction the lab will have to  provide an accurate diagnosis. 

On-site evaluations are available. For valuable birds, we can arrange for an on-site evaluation with the Delaware Department of Agriculture. Appropriate swabs or blood samples will be taken with minimal stress to birds. These will be tested for common poultry diseases and a full lab report will be provided.