Exterior of Ray Street

Ray Street

Contact Information

In-Hall Professional Staff Member

Residence Hall Coordinator

Abby LaManna

Ray Street

Mailing Addresses

{Student Name}
{Room Number} Ray A
15 Ray St
Newark, DE 19717

{Student Name}
{Room Number} Ray B
35 Ray St
Newark, DE 19717

{Student Name}
{Room Number} Ray C
20 Ray St
Newark, DE 19717



Virtual Tours

Navigate an example double in Ray Street. Room types and layouts may vary.

About Ray Street & Building Information

  • Ray Street buildings are suite style where two bedrooms (double or triple) are connected by a bathroom.
  • The buildings have air conditioning but no elevators.
  • The second and third floors have multiple lounges with a larger lounge on the main floor in each building.
  • Kitchen and laundry are located on the first floor of each building.
  • Each room includes a bed (twin, extra long) and writing table with chair for each student. Wardrobes and dressers may be shared.
  • Ray Street beds are adjustable. The lowest setting leaves 10” of space under the bed; if adjusted to the highest setting there will be 24” under the bed.
  • The dressers measure 47” high x 24” wide x 20” deep and have five drawers that measure 20 ½” wide x 15 ½” deep.
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*Furnishings can change at any time and therefore may differ from what's displayed in the pictures.