Exterior of Independence East and West

Independence East & West

Contact Information

In-Hall Professional Staff Member

Samantha Seelig

Residence Hall Coordinator, Independence

Mailing Address

{Student Name}
{Room Number} Independence
302 David Hollowell Drive
Newark, DE {see zip codes below}


Rooms 121A-130 19717-1131
Rooms 139-151 -1128
Rooms 153A and 153B -1132
Rooms 202-217 -1133
Rooms 220A-224B -1145
Rooms 225A-249B -1134
Rooms 251A-255B -1135
Rooms 301A-324B -1136
Rooms 325A-347B -1137
Rooms 349A-352B -1138
Rooms 402-424B -1139
Rooms 425A-449B -1140
Rooms 451A-455B -1141
Rooms 501A-524B -1142
Rooms 525A-547B -1143
Rooms 549A-552B -1144


Virtual Tours

The majority of Independence suites feature a similar layout to James Smith suites. Navigate the virtual double suite example below. Room types and layouts my vary.

About Independence & Building Information

  • Independence is a suite style building where two bedrooms (single or double) are connected by a bathroom.
  • The building has air conditioning and elevators.
  • Each floor has two study lounges and a larger lounge on the main floor. The West main lounge has a TV, while the East main lounge has a projector and screen.
  • Both West and East have a kitchen and laundry room on the first floor.
  • Each room includes a bed (twin, extra long), wardrobe and writing table with chair for each student.
  • Independence beds are adjustable. At the lowest setting there will be 9” from the floor to the bedspring; if adjusted to the highest setting there will be 24” under the bed.
  • There is one dresser per room. It measures 39” high x 30” wide x 20” deep and has four drawers that measure 26” wide x 15” deep.
  • The wardrobes are 80” high x 36” wide x 24” deep. It has three dresser drawers and one large drawer and a 14” x 20” mirror inside.
  • The desks are 42” wide x 24” deep and have three pedestal drawers and one lap drawer.
  • The first floor room windows are 40” x 80”. All other floors have windows that measure 40” x 60”. All have window shades.
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*Furnishings can change at any time and therefore may differ from what's displayed in the pictures.