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Sustainability Involvement Opportunities

Each section below outlines an environmental sustainability initiative that is being executed on campus this year. Each initiative requires student involvement to be successful. Each initiative will form a task force of students and staff to ensure successful implementation.

If you are interested in any of the below opportunities, please e-mail us with the initiative in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you!


The H.E.N.Stock event is an environmental sustainbility-themed, annual event hosted by Residence Life & Housing. The event features:

  • a used clothing and items sale/swap
  • community and student performances
  • community/student interest tables.

Earn credit by donating items to the sale! Items will be accepted even at H.E.N.Stock.

Green Teams

The purpose of the Green Team is to encourage students to participate in hands-on sustainable practices while living on campus and to expose students to meaningful environmental sustainability education early in their college career so that they will continue living sustainably and responsibly throughout their adult lives. Students involved in this initiative will represent their complex in the education and development of a more environmentally sustainable complex.

For more information about getting involved with Green Teams, please contact Residence Life & Housing.


UD participates in Recyclemania, a national competition held over eight weeks in the spring semester. Schools compete in different categories to see which institution can collect the largest amount of recycling per capita, the largest amount of total recyclables, or the least amount of waste per capita. Students involved with this initiative will focus on promoting the campaign to students, encouraging participation, and providing weekly reports as to which complex is currently in first place. This initiative will also require students to actively liaison with Dining Services and Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services.

Single Stream Initiatives

Students involved with this initiative will focus on promoting campaigns designed to encourage proper deposits into the single-stream recycling system. If the group feels that basic education around using single-stream is necessary, efforts can focus there. In addition, creative efforts such as “Trash Chats”, or making a video regarding what happens to recycling at a sorting facility, are encouraged.

Environmental Sustainability Committee

The Residence Life & Housing Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC) is composed of students and staff members. Initiatives executed through this committee are proposed and carried out by members. Participants in the ESC can serve in a project manager (Green Guide) role to oversee an initiative, or can serve on a project committee as a helping member.

Carpet Recycling Program

At the end of the semester, Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services, with the support of the Residence Life & Housing Environmental Sustainability Committee, will be offering ways for students to dispose of unwanted items responsibly. Students involved with this initiative will help organize and execute the collection of carpets. Even if you are not interested in working with the group on the project, please consider participating in the program!

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