UD Maker Spaces: Access Type

This is a constantly expanding list. Please send us an email to add a space to the MakerNetwork.

UD Maker Spaces that are part of the MakerNetwork have three types of access. If you are seeking Academic or Research Access to a space, contact the space representative directly.


Open Access

Physical space, equipment and/or tools are available to all UD students, faculty and staff. Access may require training and is based on scheduling and capacity.

Academic Access

Space, equipment and/or tools are available to students in a class, program, major or college through which training is provided and access is managed.

Research Access

Space, equipment and/or tools are only available for faculty, graduate or undergraduate student research projects on a case-by-case basis. Resources are typically managed by a faculty or staff director/manager with whom access is coordinated.


Do2Learn, the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) maker space, is an area where students, faculty and staff create, educate, help, design, and learn about a wide range of educational projects.

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Student Multimedia Design Center

The SMDC has over 70 computers in a variety of flexible spaces, over 200 multimedia equipment kits, and hands-on workshops available to the entire UD community.

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UD MakerGym

UD Makerspace

The University of Delaware Makerspace is a 5,000 square foot interdisciplinary design and fabrication space, serving all UD students, faculty and staff.

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College of Engineering Student Machine Shop

The student machine shop supports educational programs at the University of Delaware by providing a safe facility for students to experience hands-on fabrication and manufacturing.

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Raven Press

Raven Press is an experimental letterpress printing facility with traditional and modern technologies where students can explore typographic form and physical composition of the printed page.

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Mechanical Engineering Design Studio

The Design Studio is an academic makerspace dedicated to undergraduate mechanical engineering education and open to interdisciplinary collaborators in other majors such as biomedical engineering, art and design, and more.

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Electrical & Computer Engineering Innovation Suite (iSuite)

In the iSuite teaching laboratory, student and faculty teams can brainstorm, collaborate, prototype, and build innovative solutions to society’s grandest challenges.

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Art & Design Ceramics Studios

The ceramics studios are sizeable workspaces which include a main classroom, plaster room, and graduate studio spaces.

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Art & Design Maker Studio

The maker studio is a classroom and maker space that allows for experimentation with digital and traditional fabrication, physical computing (electronics) and robotics.

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Art & Design Printmaking Studio

The printmaking studios include spaces for traditional and digital printmaking processes, including silkscreen, etching, relief, and lithography, large-scale digital printing and screen printing.

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Art & Design Sculpture Studios

The sculpture studios provides students access to the tools, equipment and workspace needed to create exceptional three-dimensional artwork.

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Fashion & Apparel Studies Draping Lab

The Draping Lab in Alison Hall West features sewing machines, overlock machine, coverstitch machines and industrial pressing equipment. It also has size 8 women’s dressforms and a small number of men’s, children’s, plus-size and half scale dressforms.

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Fashion & Apparel Studies Sewing Lab

The Sewing Lab in Alison Hall South teaches students sewing, patternmaking and knitwear design. The equipment in the lab includes sewing machines, sergers, dress forms, flatbed knitting machines and industrial pressing equipment.

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Fashion & Apparel Studies Flex Factory / CAD Lab

The Flex Factory and CAD Lab in Alison Hall West teaches courses in product development, CAD and portfolio. Equipment includes sewing machines, overlock machine and sergers. There is also software for product development management, 3D patternmaking and design.

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Theatre Scene Shop

The Theatre Scene Shop facility has a dedicated wood shop, small metal working shop, and spaces used for painting large scale scenery and fabricating a variety of stage properties.

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Control of Balance and Locomotion Lab (COBAL)

The primary goal of the CoBaL lab is to understand the neural and biomechanical basis of human upright balance through guided motor processes and upright balance control.

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MoveToLearn Innovation Lab

The MoveToLearn Innovation Lab includes prototyping and technology development spaces for children with upper extremity impairment, as well as children at risk for developmental delays.

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