Talent Development

Dawn Nelson and Katie Griffin

Employee Spotlight

Custodial managers Dawn Nelson and Katie Griffin recently completed Talent Development certificate programs. When asked to share their experiences, they commented that the customized workshops have helped them successfully transition to their new supervisory roles. Nelson said, "Completing the UD HR Fundamentals Certificate introduced me to the details of navigating UD systems and processes, and is helping me as a new manager by ensuring that I handle sensitive HR records properly for my staff." Griffin added, "The Management Essentials Certificate has helped me to better listen, motivate and encourage my staff who have diverse backgrounds and strengths.” Both agreed that the convenience of ConnectingU online courses supported their initial learning and continue to be ongoing references to use as needed. "I am proud to work for a University that invests in their employees by providing learning opportunities that support their individual advancement and professional development," said Griffin.

Do you have a Talent Development success that you’d like to share with other UD faculty and staff? Tell us your story!

ConnectingU News

Access to ConnectingU has been expanded to include part-time employees. This means miscellaneous wage employees and adjunct faculty can now sign-up for instructor-led classes, online courses and certificate programs. They can also access the many online job aids and resources, such as the HR ATLAS, housed in ConnectingU.

Learn about required training, UD-specific information that all employees should know, as well as recommended learning based on various roles across the University.

Certificate programs combine in-person and online courses focusing on the knowledge, skills and behaviors needed to succeed in a variety of roles at UD. The total learning time is approximately 7 hours for each certificate.
In-person classes are offered monthly and the online courses are available anytime. Employees have six months to complete a certificate from the time they register and may take courses at their convenience. Any courses that were completed within one year prior to the date of registration may be used to satisfy the requirements. Once all courses are complete please email Talent Development to request a certificate of completion.

Management Essentials

Who should participate:

Employees who are in a management or supervisory role or who lead teams

To begin your certificate program, visit ConnectingU.


The following courses are required to receive the certificate of completion:      

  • Coaching and Managing Workplace Conflict
  • Leveraging Team Strengths
  • Setting Goals and Evaluating Performance
  • Campus Safety and Wellbeing (online)
  • FLSA Overview (online)
  • Hiring for Success (online)
  • Leave Policies Overview for Managers (online)
  • Search Committee Training (online)

To earn a certificate, you must complete all courses within six months.

UD Financials

Who should participate:

UD Employees with financial responsibilities

To begin your certificate program, visit ConnectingU.


The following courses are required to receive the certificate of completion:

  • UDataGlance Workshop
  • Summarizing UDataGlance Data with Excel Pivot Tables
    • Part 1: Financial Summary Data
    • Part 2: Statement View Data
    UD Financial Fundamentals (online)
    • Part 1: Financial Overview
    • Part 2: UD Financials System
    • Part 3: Financial Transactions and Sources
    • Part 4: Financial Reporting and Resources
  • Introduction to Journal Voucher Web Form (online)

UD HR Fundamentals

Who should participate:

UD employees with HR responsibilities

To begin your certificate program, visit ConnectingU.


  • Communication Skills for Excellent Customer Service
  • Essential Communication Skills
  • FLSA Overview
  • Leave Policies Overview
  • JED Web Form:
    • Overview
    • Employee Separations
    • FMLA Leaves
    • Hiring Non-Benefited Employees
    • Updating Employee Pay (coming soon)
    • Transfers, Promotion and Demotions
  • Navigating UD Business
  • The Affordable Care Act at UD
  • Training for Revised I-9 Form
  • Using the UD Web Form System

Online courses and resources can be found in ConnectingU, the employee learning portal. Topics include:

  • Professional Effectiveness
  • Equity & Inclusion
  • Financial & Business Activity
  • Faculty Development
  • Management & Leadership
  • Environmental Safety
  • Research
  • HR Policies & Procedures
  • Technology
  • Benefits & Work-Life Balance

In-person workshops are held during normal work hours, and vary in length.

Training is required for employees based on the responsibilities or role.

All Employees

  • Sexual Misconduct


Search Committees




I-9 Form Processors


Information Technologies

Performance management is a process by which managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee’s work objectives and overall contribution to the organization. More than just an annual performance review, performance management is the continuous process of setting objectives, assessing progress and providing on-going coaching and feedback to ensure that employees are meeting their objectives and career goals.

Customized Training

Our feedback indicates that training tailored to meet specific unit or department needs can add more value. For customized training, send email to employeetraining@udel.edu for more details.

Our Services

  • Consult with individuals and units to determine learning needs
  • Oversee the employee learning portal, ConnectingU
  • Develop in-person and online courses
  Ellen Lepine
Training and Development Specialist 831-0269
  Linda Smith
Sr. Training and Development Specialist 831-8853

Email your questions to employeetraining@udel.edu or call Human Resources at 302‑831‑1533.