Organizational Development

Organizational development is a systematic process aimed at initiating and implementing changes in values or operations to promote long-term growth and efficiency. These efforts serve to increase communication and productivity, improve services while creating a workplace culture that embraces change and advances the core mission.

We will evaluate current strategies, successes, and challenges. Recommendations for support are provided to our clients, which may include coaching, customized training, organizational change planning and/or referrals to other resources.

Ultimately, we equip teams with the tools to assess themselves and advance their core strategies, processes and structures in response to internal and external changes.

Submit an Organizational Development Request Form to arrange an intake meeting.

We collect, organize, analyze, and interpret information to enhance organizational success through the use of customized interviews and surveys.  The focus of this service varies, but commonly includes topics such as organizational health and culture or operational needs and gap analysis.  This service is often combined with our other services but can also stand alone. 

We collaborate with teams to develop strategic and operational plans that include clearly defined missions, visions, values, goals, objectives, and metrics.  This charts a course of action that enables units to align themselves with to the university’s strategic plan as well as their area’s specific business focus.   

We collaborate with you, so your meeting objectives are achieved by designing, facilitating and evaluating expected outcomes. These may be offered in-person or online and are tailored to help your team meet its goals, to improve effectiveness and capacity, or to strengthen relationships.

We have a variety of tools and assessments to help with the professional development of individuals and teams.  These can be used to support other initiatives or as a stand-alone development opportunity.

  • CliftonStrengths
  • Q12 Engagement Assessement
  • Predictive Index (Team Discovery)
  • DiSC Style Assessment
  • 360 Assessment

Depending on the use of external vs. internal facilitators and the cost of published or online materials, direct costs may be charged to the requesting department.

Availability for custom program development and facilitation by an internal consultant is dependent on the consulting team’s schedule and bandwidth.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

Learn any time, any place, with courses, webinars and podcasts on a wide range of technical, business, software and creative topics.   

Mentors Circle

Academic Impressions

Connect with leadership, personal development, and skills-based training opportunities that are specifically focused on higher education.


HR Knowledge Hub

The source for online training and resources, which houses UD-specific training for employees responsible for conducting HR activities.