Service & Retirement Recognition Programs

Service and Recognition Tool Kit

Welcome to our virtual recognition tool kit, provided by Human Resources to help you celebrate the great work and many contributions of our colleagues.

Each year, the University honors employees who are celebrating five, 10 and 15 years of service; individuals celebrating milestones over 20 years; and, of course, retirees.

Here you will find many ways to salute your colleagues and direct reports and to applaud them for a job well done.  

PDF template Milestone Service Recognition

PDF template Milestone Service Recognition and Retirement

Directions: Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Professional, go to tools, select edit PDF, select the area you would like to personalize and type your text. Save the PDF to your PC; you can choose to print the letter or attach the letter to an email and send to the recipient.


Download the Power Point Template and customize for your recipient. Save the slide show to your PC and share with your recipients.

PPT Slide Show

  • Host a Zoom Recognition Event
  • Announce Employee Milestones during team meetings
  • Post on Your Social Media Channel using #WorkingAtUD

About the Service Recognition Program

The Service Recognition Program honors employee service to the University of Delaware at five year intervals when employees may select from a special gift collection. The University honors our recent retirees with a gift from the Retirement Collection. 

Service Recognition milestones are:

  • Recognized for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 years of service
  • Only for benefit-eligible employees
  • Celebrated in the month of the anniversary milestone of the honorees.
  • Years of service are based only on benefited employment time
    • Student and miscellaneous wage employment do not count toward years of service
    • Unpaid breaks-in-service do not count toward the total years of service
    • Faculty sabbaticals are not breaks-in service (and count toward years of service)

Service Recognition Gifts

  • UD uses MTM Recognition to provide a wide selection of gifts for each service recognition year.
  • You will be invited to select a gift in the month that you reach a milestone year.
  • You will receive an email with a link to the online catalog from MTM Recognition.
    • Facilities & Auxiliary Services and Dining Services employees - MTM will mail a gift brochure to your home address.
  • You may select a gift from your milestone year or lower.
    • Example: When celebrating 15 years, you may select from the 15-, 10-, or 5-year collections.
  • To view the gifts available for any level, log-in to the Service Recognition Program Website. Click the Guest button and then any of the links under Your Collections.
  • Shipping of service recognition gifts is limited to U.S. locations.
  • Service Recognition selections must be made within one-year of anniversary date.

Retirement Gifts

  • UD has contracted with MTM Recognition to provide a wide selection of retirement gifts, including the much admired UD standard and rocking chairs.
  • You will receive a Retirement Collection brochure when you meet with Benefits to complete your retiree benefits enrollment. You will contact MTM Recognition directly to order your gift and provide information for any personalized item chosen.
  • Shipping of retirement gifts is limited to U.S. locations
  • Retirement gifts must be selected within one-year of retirement date.

I just had my 5 year (10, 15, etc.) anniversary. Do I get to choose a Service Recognition gift right away?

No, the Service Recognition gifts are awarded once a year. You will choose your gift in the spring.

Does my time as a student or miscellaneous wage employee count?

No, since work as a student or miscellaneous wage employee is not considered benefits-eligible employment.

I took a sabbatical leave last year. How does this affect my Service Awards eligibility?

Sabbaticals are a recognized part of faculty positions. Employees on sabbatical leave are considered as on-going employees of the University and their benefits-eligible status is maintained. Therefore, sabbatical leave is not considered a break in service for the purpose of the Service Recognition.

I am a part-time employee hired 10 (15, 20, etc.) years ago. Am I eligible to receive a 10-year (15, 20, etc.) Service Recognition, or is my time prorated?

Service Recognition is designed to recognize total length of time as a benefits-eligible University of Delaware employee, regardless of full-time equivalency. Total amount of time in a benefits-eligible position should be calculated the same: based on actual years, whether part-time, full-time, or a combination during your years of service.

I joined the University fifteen years ago, but took a one-year leave of absence. Am I still eligible for my 15 year recognition this spring?

Unpaid leaves of absence do not count towards Service Recognition.