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Volunteer Shout-Outs - February 2024

Volunteer Shout-Outs - February 2024

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations relies on a team of dedicated Blue Hen volunteers to strengthen the connections between alumni, students and the University through a variety of programs and events. Volunteers' many contributions include planning and helping to lead regional, affinity and reunion events, offering mentorship and professional development opportunities to students and serving as proud ambassadors of UD.

Here, we regularly spotlight volunteers that enhance the UD experience for students and alumni.

February 2024 Spotlights:  Donte Lloyd, BSPA12, Zakia Reaves-Johnson, AS03, CEHD05M, Will Olmstead, BE12 & Megan Carey, BE12

Donte Lloyd, BSPA12


"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart"


Donte Lloyd currently serves as the Treasurer of the UD Black Alumni Organization (UDBAO). He helps secure sponsorship for and attends the BAO’s annual tailgate at the Center for Black Culture as well as other UD events such as Celebration of Scholarships. In April 2023, Lloyd participated in a UD Admissions event as an alumni panelist.

Here’s why he gives back to UD:

It is my absolute privilege and honor to serve and lead a subset of the Blue Hen alumni community in an effort to promote connection, affinity and commitment to our beloved alma mater. One of the seven Kwanzaa principles is Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility). Many of us are well-decorated and established professionals in our respective fields because of what we learned in and outside of the classroom at UD! It is our responsibility to give back to the institution and community (specifically departments such as the Center for Black Culture and the Black American Studies Program) that helped shape who we are today.



Zakia Reaves-Johnson, AS03, CEHD05M


"My passion for education and advocacy stems from my experience at UD and for that I am forever grateful."


Zakia Reaves-Johnson assisted with UD philanthropy as a student as she participated in the phonathon program. She currently serves as the President of the UD Black Alumni Organization (UDBAO) and has participated in UD’s annual Homecoming festivities, Alumni Weekends, giving days and Admissions alumni networking events. Reaves-Johnson not only shares her time and talents but also financial support for the University by being a True Blue Hen!

Here’s why she gives back to UD:

I volunteer at UD because I love giving back to an institution and organization that supported me through my collegiate journey and empowered me to be excellent in all that I do. My passion for education and advocacy stems from my experience at UD and for that I am forever grateful.



Will Olmstead, BE12 & Megan Carey, BE12


"We really cherish the memories we made at UD and hope to keep that going for others."


Over the past four years, Double Dels Will Olmstead and Megan Carey have both volunteered as Regional Ambassadors for the Washington, D.C. Blue Hen Regional Network. They met in 2008 as neighbors freshman year in Dickinson C3. Olmstead and Carey married in April 2023. Collectively, they have participated in almost all UD Alumni Weekends, UD Giving Days, the UD Career Mentoring Program and UD Career Fairs.

Let us hear from Olmstead and Carey as to why they give back to UD:

We both enjoy giving back because UD means so much to us. It not only helped our careers but gave us our most important relationships (friendships and ours)! We really cherish the memories we made at UD and hope to keep that going for others.

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