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scent of newark candle

The “Scent of Newark” Line of UD Candles

Scent brings back the strongest form of nostalgia, so why not relive your college memories with this new line of candles that encapsulate UD’s signature aromas? JUST KIDDING! Happy April Fool's Day!

However, if we were to make a candle line, we'd invite you serenade your senses through these three “Scent of Newark” candles:


Mornings in Newark

Transport yourself back to when you first stepped outside each morning for class or practice with this aromatic essence of agriculture around Newark. Breathe in the comforting earthy notes of fertile mushroom fields blended with hints of suburban bliss. It’s like nature’s way of saying, “Good morning!” 

YouDee’s Blue Hen Bliss

Experience the tantalizing perfume of victorious post-game mascot magic. This fragrance of champions captures the essence of YouDee after a thrilling game, with hints of cotton, sea salt and freshly cut grass. 


Nights at Morris Library

Immerse yourself in the essence of knowledge and discovery as you burn the proverbial midnight candle. Notes of aged oak, well-worn pages and a hint of coffee will evoke memories of those late-night study sessions.


Ready to order?


Sorry, your nose will have to wait—while we think the “Scent of Newark” candle line is a great idea, we’re just foolin’ you for April Fools’ Day!

But wait! While you’re here:

You know, in case we do want to let you know that we started a “Scent of Newark” line, and for other things, like event invitations, alumni news and more!

It’s no joke that gifts make a difference for UD students on a daily basis. Give to the Blue Hen Strong Fund to support the ever-evolving needs of Blue Hen students. 

Laugh away with fellow Blue Hens at Alumni Weekend, May 31-June 2. There is a variety of events to choose from, including a concert, beer garden, brunch, drag show and more!

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