Affiliate Appointment Application/Renewal Form


Initial Applications:
Initial applications are accepted at any time and will be voted on by continuing track and tenure track faculty.

Renewal Applications:
Applications must be renewed annually no later than March 1 regardless of when the initial application is approved. If a renewal request is not submitted, the affiliate appointment ends on March 31.

Term of Appointment:
Affiliate appointments are effective April 1 through March 31 and must be renewed annually.

Application form for initial application and renewal


Requirements for Eligibility:

Per the UD Faculty Handbook, 4.1.2 Secondary, Joint, Affiliated, and Visiting Faculty Appointments (as revised on 12/5/16):


Affiliated faculty are appointed as members of the academic staff for a limited period of time during the year(s) in which they are actively involved in the teaching and research program of the University. Persons holding appointment as Affiliated (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, or Instructor) must make a contribution to the University in the form of teaching, research, or consultation.


Affiliated status is accorded only after the regular academic review and evaluation. Rank is established according to the same criteria as regular faculty, and the unit shall be responsible for determination of initial rank and promotions. Such determinations do not require the approval of the college or university promotion and tenure committees. Affiliated faculty are not eligible for tenure. No stipend is paid unless an additional appointment, such as an adjunct appointment, also exists; terms of appointment are up to three years, and contracts are not automatically renewed.


Affiliated faculty receive University I.D. cards and have access to the Library; they may purchase parking permits and football tickets at faculty rates. They may not participate in the tuition fee waiver program. Although not members of the University voting faculty, some departments or colleges may give them voting rights in their own units; the practice varies.

Per the UD-PT Bylaws, 1.B.1.b:


Affiliated and joint appointment faculty will have all of the rights and privileges of such faculty as defined in the University’s policies and procedures and may serve on departmental committees, but cannot serve as the Chair, will not have voting privileges on Department related matters and are not considered when determining a quorum.

Applicant Criteria:

Applicant must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Direct mentorship of residents or PhD students for at least 15 hours/year.
  2. Teaching more than 1 lecture or assisting with more than 1 lab per year in an unpaid role (this must occur for 2 consecutive years before nomination of affiliate status can occur).
  3. Provide substantial unpaid contribution to the department in areas of research, curriculum or departmental vision.

Rights and Privileges of Affiliate Appointments:

  1. As outlined in the UD Faculty Handbook section 4.1.2:
    • UD ID cards, Library access, faculty rates for parking permits and football tickets.
  2. Affiliate faculty may identify their status within University of Delaware on their vitae with affiliate title and rank when status is valid:
    • University of Delaware, Department of Physical Therapy, Affiliate [insert rank as appropriate: Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor]

Responsibilities of Affiliate Appointments:

  1. Follow departmental procedures for University onboarding and/or annual contract updates.
  2. Contribute to the University of Delaware Department of Physical Therapy with positive ratings in the capacity described under “Applicant Criteria” (above).
  3. Provide timely responses to departmental requests for stakeholder feedback.
  4. Affiliate status may not be used for political or legal commentary without the approval of the voting members of the Department of Physical Therapy faculty.
  5. Any use of Affiliate status in media or social media posts must be approved by the voting members of the Department of Physical Therapy faculty.  If approved, it must be made clear the opinions are those of the individual, not the Physical Therapy Department.
  6. Act in accordance with all policies, missions, and guidelines present in the UD Faculty Handbook.
  7. Remove the affiliate term and rank as described above in “Rights and Privileges of Affiliate Appointments” (#2) upon expiration of my affiliate status.