President's Report 2023


UD President, Dennis Assanis

At the University of Delaware, we think big. We continually seek new discoveries and fresh perspectives. We ask ourselves, where will we venture next? What experiences will spark our curiosity, challenge our beliefs and engage our creativity?

As a global community of leaders and explorers, we are intrepid.

Seizing this adventurous mindset is all the more meaningful in 2023 because UD celebrates the 100th anniversary of its pioneering study-abroad program, the first in the United States. With that voyage to France in 1923, UD ushered in a new era of global learning and shared a bold idea that has become the model for international education at thousands of institutions around the world. 

Now, a century later, this courageous Blue Hen spirit continues to evolve as we push even more boundaries together. As you will see in this year’s President’s Report, we are Inspiring the Future by enabling our talented and diverse students to grow and thrive, and we are Advancing Big Ideas through the thought leadership of our accomplished faculty, staff and alumni. Driven to explore the world through groundbreaking research, we are Discovering New Horizons every day. As we look toward the future, we continue to grow by Expanding Our Vision for reach and impact around the world.

This never-ending journey of exploration has always been an integral element of the University of Delaware, and it continues to define our extraordinary path into the future.




Dennis Assanis signature

Dennis Assanis
President, University of Delaware

Inspiring the Future


Empowered to thrive, students at the University of Delaware are creating their success both inside the classroom and out in the community every day.


7.6%: Growth in first-year undergraduate enrollment over the past five years.
16.6%: Growth in underrepresented minority undergraduate students since 2018.
Top 1.5%: Rank among institutions of higher education worldwide.
23: Graduate programs ranked in the top 100 in their field.

Advancing Big Ideas

As our greatest asset, the University of Delaware’s people are energizing fresh perspectives and leading thought-provoking dialogue in every field.


1923: Date that UD students embarked on the nation's first study-abroad program.
1 of 3: Ratio of faculty who have joined UD since 2016, bringing fresh energy and ideas.
26%: Growth in full-time faculty who are underrepresented minority since 2016.
33rd: Rank among top schools for entrepreneurship. (Source: Princeton Review)

Discovering New Horizons


Groundbreaking and insightful research happens every day at the University of Delaware, fueled by curiosity, creativity and a commitment to addressing the world’s most complex challenges. 

Innovating to build a better world

$221M: Total sponsored research expenditures in FY2022, a record for the 7th year in a row.
1,440+: Research proposals submitted in FY2022, up xx% over the past x years.
#1 and #2: National rankings of Chemical Engineering's research spending and undergraduate reputation, respectively.
85+: Research institutes and centers, exploring everything from art conservation to water resources.

Expanding our vision


Always focused on the future, the University of Delaware is growing extraordinary intellectual and physical resources for even greater impact.


450+ New undergraduate scholarships funded by the Delaware First campaign.
$580: Investment by UD and its partners in NIIMBL, headquartered at UD.
133,000: Square footage of the interdisciplinary science building being constructed at the heart of campus.
3,000: People now working at the Science, Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Campus.


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