Mental Health First Aid Directory

“4mind4body” interactive unity art project on the North Central Green as part of 4 days of events and programming by UD’s Campus Wellbeing Collaborative to highlight May as National Mental Health Month. The installation featured a ribbon “loom” where participants could write short messages about what makes them happy and a “I’m fine but…” board which used colored balls participants could anonymously drop into wells expressing something they generally hide from others when asked how they’re doing.

UD Mental Health First Aid Directory

These faculty and staff are certified in Mental Health First Aid, and open to connecting with members of the UD community to offer support. These individuals are trained to recognize signs of mental health or substance use challenges, how to offer and provide initial help, and how to guide a person toward appropriate care if necessary.

You may email these individuals directly at any time, or find additional resources on our Mental Health Resources Flyer

Mental Health First Aid Directory


First Name         Last Name Job Title Department Email Why mental health is important to me...
Judy Bell Custodial Mananger Facilities Mental health is important to me because people can face a mental health issue at anytime.  I want to raise more awareness about mental health and make sure people get the resources they need.
Melissa Betau Program Coordinator Department of Communication Navigating life with mental health struggles is difficult. If I can be a resource for students, staff or faculty, I want to help in anyway I can. 
Cynthia Boettger Building Manager- Worrilow Hall College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Mental Health is part of a happy and healthy lifestyle.  Letting some one that you care and are there to listen is the first step to a heathy mind set.
Abigail Bower Research Coordinator  KAAP  
Rebecca Boyle Student Life Manager English Language Institute  
Annalisa Brown Learning Specialist Student Services for Athletes Mental health is important to me because as a people we have evolved to know being steadfast in the self is essential to take on life's ups, downs and in-betweens. 
Amanda Brunson Academic Success Coach Office of Academic Enrichment  
Katie Butera Assistant Professor Physical Therapy Mental health is important to me because I have seen the impact of these struggles among those closest to me. As a physical therapist, I also view mental health as an important component of overall health and well-being. I want to help people work through challenges and access resources during difficult times.
Gina Catanzariti Academic Advisor CAS- Student Success Center Mental health is important because mental health impacts everybody and is very important to overall health and well being. I want to let people know they can get help and they are not alone. 
Luke Chalmers Office of Undergraduate Admissions Admissions Counselor Mental health effects everyone; I want to continue to work to remove the stigma around mental health.
Cinnell Clark-Tolson Accounting Assistant II Cooperative Extension - Kent County Because YOU Matter!
Cathy Corsi Assistant Director, Facility & Event Operations University Student Centers I have a lot of student employees and I have seen quite a few of them struggle at times and I would like to be able to talk to them and hopefully help them out or at least be a sounding board for them.
Rita Crowley Adujunct Faculty Department of Health Behavior and Nutrition Mental Health is as important as physical health.  I am honored to have the skills to assist someone who may be having some difficulty.
Angie Cunningham Administrative Specialist  Student Life Mental Health is essential for overall well-being. I want to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health challenges and assist students in finding appropriate help and support resources.
Theresa DeMatteis Academic Advisor CAS-Student Success Center  
Kellie DiMaio Administrative Assistant III Physical Therapy Clinic Mental health is important to me because I have experienced first hand the loss and devastation that can occur when a person struggles with their Mental well being.  I would like to be a resource to anyone who may need support when they are facing hard times. 
Alicia Downer Facilities Coordinator College of Health Sciences  
Lauren Dudziak Associate Director, Programs and Partnerships Campus Recreation  
Corin Edwards Director Fraternity and Sorority Leadership & Learning Mental Health is important to me because I want everyone to be able to live their life to the fullest.  
Amy Estey Academic Program Manager Graduate & MBA Programs We want our students to spend their time and energy on learning, writing, studying, connecting, and presenting...not battling their pasts, false narratives, or illness that gets in their way. I'm here to listen and help students find the assistance they need to be successful.  
Adam Foley Director- Diversity Education, Assessment, & Outreach Office of Institutional Equity The value of mental health cannot be understated as an integral part of the holistic wellbeing of everyone within our Blue Hen community and beyond. I hope to contribute in some small way to improving that health for those in need. 
Sarah Foster Associate Registrar Registrar's Office  
Cyndi Germack Student Success Center- CAS Internship Coordinator I am strong advocate for having good mental health.  When you are not well mentally it affects all areas of your life.  Life can be stressful and challenging especially with all the demands put on young adults and college students.  I'm here to talk and share resources to get help when needed.  Let us all help each other and reduce the stigma of mental health. We are all human and when times get tough one should reach out for help, and know you are not alone and we will get through this together.
Nancy Getchell Professor KAAP  
Agata Gliwa transfer credit assistant Registrar Mental health is important to me because I think people who are in a difficult situation need more support.
Tony Goldston Assistant Athletic Director - Recreation Programming Campus Recreation Everyone struggles at some point with things.  Being able to ask for help is a strength.
Alison Gondos Undergraduate Recruitment Manager College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Office Mental health impacts all aspects of my life and I want to support others to take care of theirs as well. 
Annette Goodwin Administrative Assistant Center for Counseling & Student Development Mental Health is important to me because I care about my community and the future 
Damaris Green Administrative Specialist Office of Student Conduct Mental health is important to me because it impacts what we feel, what we think and how we behave.  It effects our decision making, how we deal with stress and how we problem solve.
Jennifer Gregan Senior Assistant Dean and Associate Professor Lerner College Dean's Office Mental health is important because mental health is the foundation on which everything else in life is built.  If the foundation isn't sound, the structure of one's life is unstable, and it is difficult or impossible to realize one's purpose.  people's lives
Holli Harvey-Dudlek Director Student Conduct Mental health is important to me because I want to connect people with resources and services to help them work through their challenges. 
Suzi Halpin Manager, Facilities and Events Wellbeing Operations Mental health journey takes a village of support and resources.  The impact is real and the journey is hard but it nice to have individuals that care so you are not alone.  
Gail Headley Data Scientist Center for Research in Education & Social Policy (CRESP) In gratitude to the strangers, friends, and professionals who’ve helped family and friends survive and thrive through mental health crises, I have dedicated myself to learning more about how to support others in search of mental health care. I have a special empathy for families dealing with issues related to so-called attention deficit disorders, alcoholism/substance abuse, gender/LGBTQ identity, and suicidal ideation.
Matt Hermenau Assistant Director, Visit Experience Coordinator Undergraduate Admissions The undergraduate college experience is a unique gift. I want to make sure that students are able to get the help and support that they need in order to get the most out of their four years so that they can succeed. 
Cheryl Honaker Office of Economic Innovation & Partnership Administrative Assistant IV Mental health and well-being is important to me and I believe should be front and center in our individual lives, at home and at work. I an dedicated to offer hope to anyone who needs it.
Vincent Jackson Assistant Director Office of Student Conduct Mental Health impacts all of us in different ways, whether directly or indirectly. I want to assist folks with connecting to the best resource available to them as quickly as possible. 
Marianne Johnson Academic Program Manager College of Engineering  
Nancy Johnson Administrative Assistant III Physical Therapy Mental health is important to me because I have seen and experienced first hand the struggles and challenges of love ones and understand how it can affect the family unit. I want others to know they are not alone and resources are available to help them.
Christina Johnston Assistant Dean, Graduate Student Services College of Education and Human Development-Office of the Dean It is natural to need help sometimes and people really do care. If you are struggling or have questions, I hope you find what you need in the UD or surrounding community. 
Laurie Jones Administrative Assistant III  Plant and Soil Sciences Mental health is important to me because I have have seen the toll that these challenges take on people and the community at large. It is important to me to reduce stigma and get anyone struggling the resources they need. Timely intervention and support lead to more positive outcomes.  
Nancy Koller Administrative Assistant Kinesiology & Appl Physiology Mental health is important to me because when you get the treatment you need, it enables you to live your best life. It's important to know you are not alone. There is a compassionate support network on our campus who care about YOU and want to help you succeed in working through challenges.
Helen Ann Lawless Director, Strategic Wellbeing & Training Student Wellbeing I am a Public Health Social Worker with lived experiences related to mental health concerns. I know how much I've benefited from supportive resources, and I want to provide a safe, judgement-free environment where I can help connect folks to the resources they're interested in exploring. I also want people to know that they're not alone, and it's okay to ask for help. 
Arooj Liaqat Researcher  Engineering Mental health is important as from my own experience I can understand and empathize how it can affect your daily life, even you as a person. In that situation it might seem there is no light but there is always a light you just need to surround yourself with uplifting people.
Jacqueline Lukawski Graduate Academic Advisor Civil and Environmental Engineering Mental health is important to me because it impacts every aspect of our lives. Mental health issues affect people from all walks of life; students, faculty and staff. 
Kirby Lynch Head All Girl Cheer Coach; Spirit Program Event Coordinator Athletics- Spirit Program  
Jennifer Magaw Administrative Specialist Center for Economic Education & Entrepreneurship  
Haritha Malladi Assistant Professor and Director of First-Year Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Mental health is an integral part of wellness. I want to especially be present for my students, normalize talking about struggles with mental health, and encourage ways to seek help and get better.. 
Joy Mintzer Pre-Award Grants Analyst II Engineering Office of Research Administration Prioritizing mental health is more important than ever; it impacts every area of our lives.  It affects how we feel, think, and live our lives by encompassing our emotional,  psychological, and sociological well-being.  
Eileen Moye Sr. HR Data Specialist Human Resrources Mental Health is important to me as I realize that each and every person may be struggling with something that they don't feel comfortable sharing but are suffering in silence.  Having a resource to go to is key to everyone.
Nicole Murphy Business Administrator Civil & Environmental Engineering Mental health is important to me because I have seen the impact that it has on families
Suzanne Nelson Administrative Assistant, II Student Involvement I believe that everybody struggles with some level of mental health and that the more we talk about it and the more we normalize it, the better we can help each other get through it. 
Leslie O'Neill Associate Director and Physical Therapist Physical Therapy  
Alysha Parker Academic Program Manager DACCR Because mental, emotional health is the foundation of our well-being and our well-being a pre-requisite for being able to live out our purpose in life. Every person matters.
Sue Parkowski Administrative Assistant, Center for Counseling and Student Development Student Life Mental Health is important to me because thoughts, behaviors and actions are cyclical.  As a Mental Health First Aider and Certified Professional Coach, I strive to listen and move people into a mindset that is more empowering.   
Jess Pieper Program Manager, Employee Engagement Human Resources Receiving treatment for my depression has given me my life back, but without the support of others, might not have ever been possible. I hope we can build a strong network of support for the UD community to prioritize protecting mental health.
Stacy Purse Administrative Specialist Career Center Mental health is important at every stage of life and it's essential to our overall health and wellbeing. I want to help the UD community by being a resource for those that need support. 
Carolyn Quinci Deputy Registrar Office of the University Registrar  
Sheryl Ratcliffe College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advisor II Mental health impacts overall well-being and is crucial to flourishing and happiness. It is extremely important to me to support and connect others to resources to improve their mental health.  
Nicole Rehbach Academic Advisor II CANR Undergraduate Student Services Mental health is important to me because it affects all aspects of a person's wellbeing. I want to help people identify things they may be feeling and ways that they can improve their mental wellness. I am a volunteer grief support group facilitator as well!
Stephen  Roberts Academic Program Coordinator/Academic Advisor   Lerner College - Undergraduate Advising Center Mental health is important to me because it impacts how I (we) feel, think and act each day.  More importantly, it drives my decision-making and problem-solving - to better manage life's ups and downs each day.
Keri  Rodney Academic Program Manager Lerner, Undergraduate Advising and Academic Services  
Noelle-Erin Romero Director of RISE College of Engineering  
Christine Schultz Associate Director Honors College We all deserve to live a life that is healthy and that includes our mental health. I value being part of the UD community and hope others have experiences and the well being to embrace that, too!
Jennifer Seabrook-Scott Nutrition Assistant Animal and Food Sciences Mental health is important to me because I have seen the impact on those who have suffered from a mental health issue and did not have support. I want to be there to support others in need and direct them to resources that will benefit them.    
Mohsin Siddiqui Assistant Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering I am passionate about excellence in higher education. Mental health and wellness are an integral part of an effective learning environment.
Annie Slease Strategic Manager of Mental Health Initiatives Center for Disabilities Studies After my own family struggled significantly a decade ago, I'm now dedicated to ensuring that we all understand and nurture our mental health as much as we do our physical health. I also want to help caregivers see we are at our best when we prioritize our own wellbeing. Reach out. Let's talk!
Sherri Sobocinski Library Assistant III Collections Sharing and Delivery / Morris Library Mental health is important to me because so many people are dealing with high stress levels and many don't know how to reach out for help. I want to be present and available to listen and support as many people as I can.
Karyn Stockar Adjunct Professor Behavioral Health and Nutrition (BHAN) Mental health affects every aspect of our life.  I want to help to help people work through their struggles and become healthier and happier.
Alvin Tamba Administrative Assistant II Engineering Mental health is important to me because because i was able to learn the signs and symptoms of mental health and i am able to provide first aid to someone in need. 
Kati Tilley Postdoctoral Researcher College of Education  
Jessica Venturi Graduate Services Specialist, Professional Dev Graduate College  
Hannah Vogelsong Program Coordinator  Fraternity and Sorority Leadership & Learning Mental health is important to me because it is a vital part of our lives and can impact our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. 
Alex Waad PhD Research Assistant Behavioral Health and Nutrition   Mental health is health - everyone deserves equal access to their optimal health. 
Minda Watson Career Coach Lerner Career Services Firm believer that mental health is as important as physical health. Stop the Stigma. #stigmafree
Stacy Weile Supervisor, ITV Video Operations IT Academic Technology Services I have learned through my own personal and family struggles that we must focus on a person as a whole human being.  Knowing where to turn for support when life gets overwhelming is key to our mental health. For instance, we all know where to go to fix a broken arm, but do we know how to cope with the loss of independence this can bring? 
Tracy Willman Administrative Specialist UD Career Center Mental health is important to me because it is an essential part of each individual's overall health and wellbeing, and deserves the same level of support. I want to actively contribute to removing the stigma associated with mental health by being a resource for others that can contribute positively to their mental health journey.
Noel Wolhar Associate Director, CANR Undergraduate Recruitment Undergraduate Student Services  
Elianna Wydra Academic Program Coordinator Kinesiology & Applied Physiology  
Callie Zimmerman World Scholars Program Coordinator Center for Global Programs and Services Mental health impacts every other aspect of our lives but is so often ignored- I want to help others on campus embrace caring for mental health and viewing it not as a sign of weakness but one of maturity and strength.