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Black History Month at UD

Black History Month at UD

The University of Delaware’s efforts to build a more diverse and inclusive campus are a year-round commitment. As we work to live these values, our progress depends on the continued support of our UD community. For this year’s Black History Month, help us celebrate by supporting the incredible work of our diversity-focused campus initiatives. While there are countless ways to get involved, the causes below are among those leading the way. With your support, we can continue to promote inclusivity, fight for justice, and make Delaware a place for all. 


African Violet Scholarship

Scholarships are a vital tool for building a vibrant, diverse campus community. That’s why the women of Delta Sigma Theta established the African Violet award.

“The impact of the scholarship could be the difference between staying in college and dropping out. It can allow that student to focus on their studies and not worry about working to pay for tuition.

In today's society, NO student should be denied a higher education due to finances.”

-Tia Bolden, AS93 and Tammy Smith, EG96 BE98M

African Violet Scholarship:

If you are interested in making a gift to support the African Violet Scholarship or have a question, please contact Justine Tally-Beck at


Dr. James Newton Scholarship, Dept. of Africana Studies

Honoring the legacy of Dr. James E. Newton—a pioneering artist, educator, and co-founder of the Black American Studies program at the University of Delaware—the James E. Newton Scholarship supports outstanding students majoring in Africana Studies. 

Dr. James Newton Endowment

If you are interested in making a gift to support the Dr. James Newton Endowment or have a question, please contact Michael Leon Miller at 302-540-0094 or


RISE: Resources to Inspire Successful Engineers

With a mission to inspire undergraduate students from historically underrepresented backgrounds to succeed at the highest levels of engineering, RISE creates pathways to success for a diverse cohort of talented Blue Hens. Each RISE student receives multi-faceted, personalized support from their first day on campus through graduation day.


If you are interested in making a gift to support the RISE program or have a question, please contact Heather Barron at


Black Alumni Organization Scholarship

The University of Delaware Black Alumni Organization (BAO) supports and connects alumni from UD’s Black community in conjunction with the UD Alumni Association and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. The BAO maintains an active, year-round schedule of local and regional events, and it offers an annual scholarship for outstanding Black students. 

Black Alumni Organization

If you are interested in making a gift to support the BAO scholarship or have a question, please contact Justine Tally-Beck at


Center for Intercultural Engagement

As our campus becomes more diverse than ever before, the University’s commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment is vital. 

Located in the Perkins Student Center, the Center for Intercultural Engagement is a central place where differences are not only accepted but celebrated as essential contributions to our Blue Hen family.


Black History Month is a time for celebration, but it’s also a time to renew our commitments. Your support for these causes paves the way for a more inclusive and just future. To learn more about how you can support Black culture at UD, visit us here.

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