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Volunteer Shout-Outs - September 2023

Volunteer Shout-Outs - September 2023

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations relies on a team of dedicated Blue Hen volunteers to strengthen the connections between alumni, students and the University through a variety of programs and events. Volunteers' many contributions include planning and helping to lead regional, affinity and reunion events, offering mentorship and professional development opportunities to students and serving as proud ambassadors of UD.

Here, we regularly spotlight volunteers that enhance the UD experience for students and alumni.

September 2023 Spotlights: Jonathan Rosenbloom, AS97, and Joby Jester, AS73

Jonathan Rosenbloom, AS97


"I had such an incredible experience at UD, that this was a wonderful opportunity to give back."


Jonathan serves as an Alumni Mentor and a Regional Blue Hen Ambassador for the Los Angeles Blue Hen Network. In 2022, Jonathan also served as a Reunion Ambassador for his 25th Reunion. In addition, Jonathan is a member of the True Blue Hen Loyalty Society.

Let us hear from Jonathan as to why he gives back to UD:

The University of Delaware is very important to me and my family, as my brother and cousin also attended the same time as I did.  I had such an incredible experience at UD, that this was a wonderful opportunity to give back. I think it is very important for students to have the opportunity to talk in an open and safe space to alumni about their lives after college and how we navigated the workforce to where we are now. 

We all know how stressful it can be transitioning from college into the “real world,” so any guidance I can provide based on my own experiences, I am happy to share. Plus, it keeps me in touch with the University and reminds me of my time there. I love to be of service and give back. Life is not easy and any chance we get to give back, we should. I look forward to being a UD Mentor every year. 

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan “Joby” Jester AS73


"I get far more out of my support of the UD AROTC Alumni group than I put in and plan on continuing this into the future."


Joby serves as an executive board member for the Army ROTC Alumni Network, a group that facilitated a fundraising project for Giving Tuesday and I Heart UD Giving Day. The Army ROTC Alumni Network held a mini reunion during Alumni Weekend 2023. Additionally, Joby serves as a Class of 1973 Reunion Ambassador, helping to plan and encourage attendance at his 50th reunion celebration taking place during Homecoming Weekend (October 13-14, 2023).

Joby is a member of the True Blue Hen Loyalty Society and the Delaware Diamonds Society. Through Joby’s (and the late Bob Parsons AS64) generosity the Distinguished Cadet Award was established in 2020. We are grateful for Joby’s financial support of UD and his participation in our alumni group and in our Homecoming planning process!

Let us hear from Joby as to why he gives back to UD:

I am fortunate to have had two full careers during my working life, since I graduated, some 50 years ago. Both careers involved the opportunity and responsibility to assist and mentor future leaders. Involvement with the UD Army ROTC alumni group provides the same opportunities. I get far more out of my support of the UD AROTC Alumni group than I put in and plan on continuing this into the future.

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