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Calendar alert — I Heart UD Giving Day is May 5

April 30, 2021 Written by Kelly Bothum

I Heart UD Giving Day is an opportunity for the University of Delaware community to collectively support faculty, staff and student-led causes, programs and initiatives that matter most to them. With more than 100 projects representing a range of academic, athletic and student life areas, I Heart UD Giving Day showcases the innovative and collaborative passions of our students and faculty — and the resources they need to achieve their goals. 

This year, the College of Health Sciences is thrilled to be represented in nine diverse projects, which we invite you to visit via the the IHUDD Giving page. Together, the UD community can make a lasting impact for current and future generations of Blue Hens.


Here’s a look at the CHS projects: 

  • Help the First State Communicate - Care should never be denied because of cost. This fund supports Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic clients who are uninsured or underinsured so that they have access to needed services that help them talk, understand, hear, eat, drink, and live meaningful lives in our community.

  • Department of Physical Therapy - One of the greatest challenges to becoming a physical therapist is the cost of education. Gifts allocated to this fund will help lessen and/or eliminate the additional fees that exist beyond standard tuition costs, such as subscriptions to online educational platforms, conference registrations and abstract submissions. Because increasing diversity in the physical therapy workforce can help improve health outcomes for all Americans, contributions also be directed toward recruitment efforts for our ADaPT program and the support services deemed beneficial to students throughout their academic tenure. 

  • CHS Fund for the Future of Healthcare - Gifts to the CHS Fund for the Future of Healthcare provide resources where it will have the greatest and most immediate impact - specifically for our students, including technology support and upgrades for in home learning and simulations, interprofessional education and practice, and the innovation and design of new methods for training and education.

  • Biomechanics & Movement Science Interdisciplinary Graduate Program - Support will help highly motivated students - who demonstrate purpose and passion for the field of biomechanics and movement science- travel for professional development opportunities and support their dissertation research expenses. This includes summer research opportunities, off-campus training opportunities, publication fees for scientific journals and faculty guest lectures and seminars. 

  • Supporting Students, Ensuring the Public’s Health: The UD Epidemiology Program -  This new program plays a key role in COVID-19 response and training the future public health workforce to meet the next public health challenge. UD epidemiology facilitates student engagement in research, education and hands-on projects to improve the health and well-being of Delaware communities. Donations support student success by funding program scholarships and grants for student projects.

  • Neuro Notes - This incredible choir for people with Parkinson’s and other neurologic communication challenges is dedicated to community and empowerment for adults with neurogenic communication challenges. This dynamic group has continued to meet virtually during the pandemic and, because of funding cuts, will need financial support to start back up again in the fall.

  • Engaging Alumni, Friends and Family to develop the next generation of Nurses - The Year of the Nurse, 2020, also happened to coincide with a global pandemic where UD nurses on the front lines took the lead. A gift to the School of Nursing Scholarship fund is a way to support our next generation of Blue Hen Nurses.

  • Graduate Fellowships for Students of Color in the Biomedical Health Sciences - Help diversify the health professions and support the next generation of health leaders.

  • An Interpersonal Education Solution: Healthcare Theatre - This unique educational experience is transforming interpersonal and interprofessional education. Donations to this fund further enhance the simulation education experience for both Healthcare Theatre students and healthcare learners.

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