Health and Safety Resources

The CEOE Safety Committee works closely with the University of Delaware's Office of Environmental Health and Safety to support and advance the teaching, learning and research activities at the University of Delaware by promoting a safe and healthy campus environment. We provide and coordinate services that minimize risks to safety and health and work to promote stewardship of the environment. 

1. First Aid Kits - in hallways and in each laboratory.

  • Report use of hallway first aid kits to Public Safety, ext. 4334, so that items used can be restocked.
  • Laboratory first aid kits are restocked by the lab supervisor for each research group.

2. Fire extinguishers - report use to Bruce Campbell, ext. 4322.

3. Showers - usually one is available in each laboratory room.

4. Eye washes - usually one is available in each laboratory room.

5. Chemical clean up kits (in Lewes hallway). Report use to George Luther, ext. 4208.

  • Hydrofluoric acid (HF) spill kits are in those labs using HF. Report use to DEHS.

6. Red emergency phones - pick up and your call goes to the Lewes Public Safety Office for three rings. If there is no answer, the call bounces to the Newark Public Safety Office.

Contact the Safety Committee Chairperson to make arrangements to view videos in the safety training library.

  • In the blink of an eye (Eye safety recommended for students, faculty, staff and visitors.)
  • Emergency Response