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Maintaining an up-to-date building contact list

Help update emergency building contact list

Maintaining an up-to-date building contact list is crucial for effective emergency management and swift communication. It is essential to have at least three points of contact per building. This practice ensures that in the event of an emergency, there is always someone available to coordinate the necessary response and inform relevant parties.

Why three points of contact?

  1. Redundancy and Reliability: Emergencies can occur at any time. Having three points of contact increases the likelihood that someone will be reachable. This redundancy is vital to ensure that the emergency can be promptly addressed without delays.
  2. Clear Communication Channels: When an emergency arises, quick and clear communication is paramount. By having multiple contacts, we ensure that the emergency details — such as the nature and location of the incident — are conveyed accurately and swiftly. The designated contact can then take the lead in alerting others who need to be informed and involved in the response.
  3. Responsibility and Coordination: The identified points of contact are responsible for further dissemination of information and coordination. This structured approach helps prevent confusion and ensures that all necessary parties are promptly informed.

Immediate action required

Updating the building contact list is a critical step in enhancing our emergency response. Having multiple reliable points of contact for each building, we can better protect the safety and well-being of everyone on our campus.

This updated list will be shared exclusively among UDPD, EHS, Facilities Management Team, and Urgent Maintenance (1141) to ensure seamless coordination during emergencies.

Please email emergency point of contacts for each building to bldgcontactlist@udel.edu.

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