UD Campus Phased Reopening

UD Campus Reopening and Fall Planning Task Force

The UD Campus Reopening and Fall Planning Task Force will recommend guidelines, procedures and protocols to achieve the safest and most efficient pathway for resuming operations at UD through the summer and leading into the 2020 fall semester. It will also undertake necessary planning efforts to welcome students back to campus in the fall, according to the “new normal,” as well as develop contingency plans to be considered, depending on the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic, with guidance provided by our State government and public health authorities. 


Task Force Steering Committee Members

●      Dennis Assanis, President and Task Force Chair
●      Robin Morgan, Provost
●      John Long, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
●      Mary Remmler, Vice President, Strategic Planning and Analysis
●      Charlie Riordan, Vice President, Research, Scholarship and Innovation
●      José-Luis Riera, Vice President, Student Life
●      Peter Krawchyk, Vice President, Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services
●      Laure Ergin, Vice President and General Counsel
●      Jim Dicker, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
●      Beth Brand, Vice President and Secretary
●      Glenn Carter, Vice President for Communications and Marketing
●      Chrissi Rawak, Athletic Director
●      Rhett Ruggiero, Interim Executive Director, Government Relations

Appointees to specific areas serving campus-wide committees that will consider academic and calendar aspects, research and graduate education, student life and athletics, facilities, budget and planning, and public affairs will be forthcoming.


UD Health Advisory Group

The UD Health Advisory Group will work with the Campus Reopening and Fall Planning Task Force to ensure that each step we take prioritizes the health and safety of our entire community.


Health Advisory Group Members

●      Dennis Assanis, President
●      Robin Morgan, Provost
●      Charlie Riordan, Vice President for Research, Scholarship and Innovation
●      Tim Dowling, Director, Student Health Services
●      Bethany Hall-Long, Professor, School of Nursing
●      Kathy Matt, Dean, College of Health Sciences
●      P.C. Shea, Associate General Counsel
●      Rita Landgraf, Director, Partnership for Healthy Communities
●      Jennifer Horney, Professor, Epidemiology
●      Terry Murphy, Trustee; President and CEO, Bayhealth