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Important update on COVID-19 testing at UD

December 06, 2023 Written by University of Delaware

To the University community:

The University of Delaware needs to inform our community of a recent development about COVID-19 rapid antigen tests made available to all UD students, faculty and staff at select campus locations.

Late Tuesday, Dec. 5, the University identified an inconsistency in the product lot numbers from some of the inventory of COVID-19 rapid antigen tests distributed on campus since September. The University Department of Safety and Emergency Management immediately inspected its full inventory of rapid antigen tests and reached out to the supplier. The University has since confirmed that the identified kits are not legitimate, and the results cannot be verified. All affected test kits in the University’s inventory were immediately removed. 

If you have received a rapid antigen test at designated UD campus locations, either at Lewes or Newark, during the fall semester that has no printed lot number on its packaging or has the printed lot number of COV2010030, please dispose of it. Affected campus distribution locations include Perkins Student Center, Trabant University Center, Carpenter Sports Building, Clayton Hall, STAR Campus and Laurel Hall (Student Health Services office). Anyone who has used these tests should consider using a different test kit to repeat their results or contacting their healthcare provider.

Please note that the University has already secured an additional supply of validated rapid antigen tests, and immediate replenishment of the newly acquired test kits is in progress. UD students, faculty and staff can pick these up on an as-needed basis at the aforementioned Newark campus locations. To request a test kit, please complete the University’s webform and present the confirmation email at one of the campus distribution locations. The Lewes campus community should contact the main facilities office at that location.

We recognize the concern and inconvenience the illegitimate test kits may cause for members of our community; please be assured the University has taken swift action to address and correct the issue immediately, including obtaining a new supplier. 

More information on testing resources

As the winter break quickly approaches, UD encourages campus community members to utilize rapid antigen test kits prior to departing for travel or family gatherings. These are available in limited supply at the aforementioned campus distribution locations. (Note: UD Student Health Services will continue to conduct COVID-19 testing during appointments for students who present with symptoms.)

In addition to the University’s at-home rapid antigen test supply, every U.S. household may place orders to receive up to eight free COVID-⁠19 rapid tests that are delivered directly to their home or residence hall. Those interested in placing an order for additional at-home tests may also call 1-800-232-0233 (TTY 1-888-720-7489). Testing is also available locally at the State of Delaware State Service Center (501 Ogletown Road).

As we come upon the winter season and the potential elevated increase of respiratory viruses in the environment, all members of the UD community are reminded to wash their hands, stay home when sick, stay up to date on vaccinations and get tested before returning to campus.

Thank you for taking personal steps to preserve the health and wellness of our campus community. Visit our COVID-19 site for additional information and campus guidelines.

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