COVID-19 Data Dashboard

UD is sharing information on this site about the status of campus activity this fall and COVID-19 positive cases among members of the campus community to aid in informing our community about public health. 

New Positive Cases

The University will not disclose the identity of any employee or student who is diagnosed with or is suspected of having COVID-19 in any external communication. Internally, that information will only be provided on a need-to-know basis as part of any contact tracing.

Cases listed have been confirmed positive through a molecular diagnostic test. Tallies of students include both undergraduate and graduate students. Tallies of employees include faculty, staff and individuals physically working on a UD campus on a contract basis or through a subcontractor of the University. 

Detailed information about COVID cases and testing within the State of Delaware can be found on Delaware’s My Healthy Communities Dashboard. With approximately 9,000 students living off campus this semester, the State dashboard data bolsters the UD data presented here. 

Note: Tallies are updated each weekday and may not include individuals who obtained their results in other states. 

Campus Screenings

Daily Health Screenings

Students, faculty, staff and visitors will be required to complete a short online health screening survey each day prior to entering a campus facility. 

Testing, Tracing, Screening Page


Quarantine and Isolation Space Occupancies 


The University has set aside spaces in residence halls that are not otherwise occupied this semester as isolation and quarantine locations. These spaces provide students who are COVID-19 positive or are awaiting test results due to possible exposure with single occupancy housing, food delivery, counseling services upon request and other amenities. UD students may also be in isolation or quarantine in their local residence, when it is deemed safe to do so.

Quarantine spaces are temporary housing for those who have been in contact with individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are awaiting test results on their statuses. Many students may be quarantining or isolating in their family homes, off-campus residences or other locations. Those individuals are not included in these tallies.


Isolation spaces are temporary housing for those who have tested positive for COVID-19. Isolation ends under 3 conditions: (1) 10 days since symptoms began; (2) 24 hours with no fever without use of fever-reducing medication; (3) other symptoms are improving. Students isolating off-campus are not included in these tallies.


UD-Sponsored Testing

Asymptomatic Testing of Students and Employees - Reported Weekly

Each Monday and Wednesday the University conducts asymptomatic surveillance testing. Asymptomatic testing reports will update weekly. Any positive cases from asymptomatic testing will be included in UD case numbers when they are updated each business day.

For additional information regarding UD's overall testing strategy, visit the Testing, Screening, Tracing page.


tests performed

(Nov. 15 - Nov. 21) 

Asymptomatic testing events were not held during the week of November 22, as classes were suspended for Thanksgiving break. 

Symptomatic Testing of Students - Reported Weekly

Student Health Services conducts tests for symptomatic students in the Newark area who are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. 


tests performed

(Nov. 15 - Nov. 21) 

Asymptomatic testing events were not held during the week of November 22, as classes were suspended for Thanksgiving break. 


Tests Performed

Tests Performed















(Asymptomatic testing canceled on 9/30 due to rain)







(Asymptomatic testing canceled on 10/12 due to heavy rain)














*The University began reporting symptomatic test numbers weekly beginning the week of September 20, 2020.

Course Mode of Delivery

UD professors have prepared high-quality online courses for the fall semester. While the class experience is different, UD’s commitment to academic excellence remains as strong as ever. 

Fall 2020: Additional Facts

UD launched Phase 3 of research operations on Aug. 10. 

Phase 3 allows up to two-thirds of lab personnel to be at work simultaneously, with indoor density increasing to, at a maximum, one person per 125 square feet. 

In a typical year, our residence halls are at or exceeding occupancy.

Priority for housing this semester is provided to students who have a guaranteed housing contract and have been identified by their college as needing to be on campus for academic continuity.  Students’ residence hall assignments are made with a focus on reduced density and decreasing contagion opportunities. Protocols such as designated interior traffic flow patterns and guidelines on use of shared spaces such as bathrooms and lounges have been enacted to support these efforts. UD has hired additional custodial staff members to allow for multiple daily cleanings in each hall.

Previous Data

The following positive cases were self-reported by employees and students as part of pre-arrival testing: 

  • 5 COVID-19 Positive Employees (3,686 submitted employee tests)
  • 52 COVID-19 Positive Students (4,164 submitted student tests)

Previous positive cases from March 11 through August 30:

  • 11 COVID-19 Positive Employees
  • 26 COVID-19 Positive Students