COVID-19 Data Dashboard

Cases Reported


The University of Delaware is sharing information on this site about positive cases among members of the campus community to aid in informing our community about public health. 

The University will not disclose the identity of any employee or student who is diagnosed with or is suspected of having COVID-19 in any external communication. Internally, that information will only be provided on a need-to-know basis as part of any contact investigation.

Cases listed have been confirmed positive through a molecular diagnostic test and reported to the University by the Delaware Division of Public Health. Tallies of students include both undergraduate and graduate students. Tallies of employees include faculty, staff and individuals physically working on a UD campus on a contract basis or through a subcontractor of the University. These tallies include students and employees who have physically been on campus in the days leading up to testing positive and students living in off-campus housing within downtown Newark. 

Detailed information about COVID cases and testing within the State of Delaware can be found on Delaware’s My Healthy Communities Dashboard.

Tallies are updated each weekday and may not include individuals who obtained their results in other states or through their private health care providers. 

Pre-Arrival Testing


The following positive cases have been self-reported by employees and students who will be on campus.

3,686 submitted employee tests

4,164 submitted student tests

Previous positive cases


Previous cases from March 11 through August 30