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From the first contact you have with UD, we want you to have an outstanding employment experience. We are here to answer your questions that may range from questions about job postings to how to navigate our hiring process. Feel free to reach out to us via email or by phone at 302-831-2171.

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The University is committed to protecting the safety and security of all members, property and assets of the UD community. To meet these objectives, the University conducts pre-employment background checks on all selected applicants for employment, along with volunteers and camp or program workers who will interact with children.

There are two types of background checks that we conduct, using the vendor Sterling Talent Solutions. All new hires will undergo either the basic (7 year lookback) background check, or the Biden (10 year lookback) background check. If the selected applicant, will have regular interaction with children under the age of 18, while performing their duties, a Biden (10-year check) will be conducted.  If not, the standard (7 year) background check will suffice.

For all non-benefitted employees, and certain volunteers, the hiring department will need to complete the Hiring Notification Form. The form should only be submitted for selected applicant’s that are not already employed at UD.

The following items of information will be needed, among others, to submit the form.

  • Applicant’s full legal name
  • Applicant’s citizenship status
  • Applicant’s correct email address and age (Note:  If the applicant has not yet turned 18, the juvenile consent form, found embedded in the hiring notification form, will need to be completed, signed, and uploaded with the hiring notification form.)
  • Whether the applicant will be interacting with minors
  • Applicant’s supervisor, and the name and email address of the person from the department who will verify applicant’s information on the Form I-9.
  •  Applicant’s start date

When the hiring notification form is submitted, it populates the Team Dynamix system. Information from the form will be used to generate an email to the applicant from the Sterling system. Imbedded in that email will be a link that the applicant will need to use to start the process with Sterling.  Departments will be notified when the applicant has cleared the background check via the same ticket on the Team Dynamix system.

Benefitted employees, along with graduate students on contract, will go through the same process in Sterling, however a hiring notification form is not needed.  The background check will be started for benefitted employees after central HR is notified in the Talent Link system that the applicant has accepted the job offer. The background check will be started for grads on contract after the completed GSCRF and GSFF forms are received by central HR.

Once the background check has been completed for the employee groups mentioned above, the applicant will receive an email from Sterling.  That email will contain an embedded link for the applicant to start the Form I-9.  The Form I-9 will be verified at department level for new hires in the Team Dynamix system, and by central HR for benefitted new hires and for grad on contract new hires. The only exception will be non-US citizens.  All non-US citizens should be directed to the Payroll office, where the Foreign National Coordinator will verify those Forms I-9.

If you are conducting a camp or program that falls under the University Protection of Minors program, please refer to the Office of Equity and Inclusion’s webpage for instructions on completing the required background checks.   

International background checks can often take longer than domestic background checks.  For this reason, once the information has been received to start a background check on an international selected applicant, that applicant may start working for pay.  This only applies for international applicants with a non-US address history.  If the department would like to have the international applicant start working prior to the completion of the background check, notify central HR, and request the link to start the Form I-9 be sent to the applicant.  Again, those Forms I-9 will be verified by the Foreign National Coordinator in the payroll office.