Faculty & exempt staff retiree benefits

403(b) Retirement Toolkit   

Please contact Human Resources at least three months in advance of your proposed retirement date.

Exempt Staff Retiree Benefits

Eligibility: Faculty and exempt staff who are, immediately prior to retirement, in positions that are eligible for University match to the University of Delaware Retirement Plan

Plan Administrator: University of Delaware

Who Can Use this Benefit: University of Delaware Retirees and eligible dependents/survivors

Benefit: Faculty and eligible exempt staff who satisfy the University’s age and service criteria may apply for health, dental, vision insurance as well as a death benefit through the University of Delaware. University retirees may also participate in the retiree-paid University life insurance plan, educational benefits, UD ID card, Wellness Dollars and parking privileges for retirees.

Health Insurance: See a comparison of the plans. 

Online information:

Prescription Drug Coverage: If you elect medical coverage, you are automatically enrolled in the prescription drug program.

Dental: Dental Plan through the State of Delaware

Vision: UD Vision benefits

Retiree Life Insurance: MetLife Retiree Life Insurance

Retiree Death Benefit: $7,000 death benefit

Cost: The University sets the benefits contribution rates for health, and vision benefits.  Access to retiree dental insurance is provided and rates are set through the Delaware Statewide Benefits Office. See current University of Delaware health insurance rates.

UD Retirement Gift: MTM Awards: login as a guest

Full Information: Retirement Benefits

Resources: University Age & Service Guidelines:

  • any age and 30 years of service
  • age 55 and 20 years of service
  • age 60 and 15 years of service
  • age 65 and 10 years of service

Effective July 1, 2022, individuals will be subject to the following age/service eligibility criteria:

  • any age and 30 benefits-eligible years of service
  • age and service when combined equal 80 (must be at least age 55 when combined with service; must have at least 15 benefits-eligible years of service when combined with age)


  Age Service Total UD Retirement Eligible Reason
Example 1 55.0 28.0 83.0 Yes Age + Service is at least 80
Example 2 64.5 15.5 80.0 Yes Age + Service is at least 80
Example 3 54.0 32.0 86.0 Yes Service > 30
Example 4 68.0 12.0 80.0 No Service years < 15
Example 5 53.5 26.5 80.0 No Age < 55

Medicare A & B Notice

Medicare Brochure

Note: A vested employee under the State Employees' Pension Plan cannot collect a pension from the State of Delaware until the employee is no longer an active employee with the University of Delaware.

Faculty Retirement Notification Guidelines

Your retirement agreement should be signed at least six months prior to the beginning of your anticipated date of phased retirement or pre-retirement leave. After June 30, 2021, faculty must sign their retirement agreement six months prior to their retirement date. Please contact Human Resources when you are ready to begin this process.

Information about retirement options for faculty are located in section 9.8 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement in effect between the University and the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), University of Delaware Chapter.

Faculty Timelines (Academic and Fiscal): agreement execution, retirement leave and/or phased retirement, and retirement date.


Exempt Staff Retirement Notification Guidelines

Please contact Human Resources at least three months in advance of your proposed retirement date.