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University of Delaware School of Nursing junior Lily Ramos hopes to win big and put a dent in funding her college education as she appears on “The Price is Right,” alongside host Drew Carey.
University of Delaware School of Nursing junior Lily Ramos hopes to win big and put a dent in funding her college education as she appears on “The Price is Right,” alongside host Drew Carey.

Come on down!

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UD School of Nursing student to compete on “The Price is Right”

When Lily Ramos heard the game show announcer’s bellowing voice shouting the iconic words: “Come on down!” she couldn’t believe her ears.

The University of Delaware junior nursing major from Southern California had been shouting those same words over and over again to hype herself up as she waited in line since dawn to be a contestant on the popular game show, The Price is Right. The opportunity to compete on the special college edition would give her the chance to wipe out her student loans. 

“I’m thankful to my mom and dad for supporting me and paying for part of my college, but I did have to take out loans to pay for my education, and that’s something I’m worried about in the back of mind and in the future,” she said. 

During her audition, which occurred over UD’s extended winter break, Ramos, donning a gray UD Nursing shirt, brought both enthusiasm and energy to her 10-second elevator pitch. She told producers: “There’s a nursing shortage, and there’s going to keep being one because if I don’t get this money, I won’t be able to keep going to school.” 

In retrospect, Ramos’ elevator pitch was a little bit of an exaggeration. Even if she didn’t make it on the show, she loves being at UD and has no intention of leaving the School of Nursing, no matter the cost. But every little bit helps. 

“Even $1,000 would help me buy books and food,” she said. 

The idea to audition for The Price is Right wasn’t even hers. Her friend Kevin, who she's known since preschool and now goes to UCLA, encouraged her to come with him to the audition. Ramos got selected, and he didn’t. 

“I believe I was the only person from an East Coast school, which helped me stand out in the audition, so they could spotlight a diverse number of schools on the show,” Ramos said. “I also didn’t see anyone else wearing a shirt with their major on it.” 

Ramos was among the first four contestants to be called up and her excitement was palpable. 

“I did a somersault down the runway,” she said. “I honestly kind of blacked out during this moment because I was very surprised.”

She was so ecstatic, she attempted to go right on stage instead of taking her rightful place in contestant’s row, now called “Bidder’s Row” in the Drew Carey era of the show. 

“I was looking for a creative way to help pay for my college so I wouldn’t have the burden of debt after I graduate, so I’m hoping to win big because it would be life-changing,” she said. 

Ramos says she never wins anything, but she comes from a pretty lucky family. Being on The Price is Right is becoming a sort of family tradition. Her mother, Joy Ryan, appeared on the show in 2022. 

Ramos will be hosting a watch party at her off-campus apartment for her big television debut. 

“I am very proud to represent the UD School of Nursing on the show and put UD on the map for a national audience,” she said. 

Find out whether Ramos ever gets on stage and gets the opportunity to wipe out her student loans by watching The Price is Right on CBS at 11 a.m. on Monday, March 13. Ramos will be holding a watch party in her off-campus apartment with friends and pizza.

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