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UD Police go green

Photos by Evan Krape

New electric motorcycles increase interaction with UD community

The University of Delaware Police Department (UDPD) has enhanced its community-oriented policing philosophy with the addition two new electric motorcycles that will enable officers to easily patrol the campus and increase interaction with students, faculty, staff and visitors.

UDPD is the first police agency in the Mid-Atlantic region to incorporate electric motorcycles into its operations.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to create opportunities for police officers to interact with our community,” said UD Police Chief Patrick Ogden. “These motorcycles will work well in our unique environment, as they make almost no noise but are eye catching and promote conversation.

“They are perfect for an academic environment with high pedestrian traffic,” Ogden added. “Since there is no exhaust, their noise level is low, and they will not be disruptive in areas that are not normally accessible by a traditional police vehicle.”

The electric motorcycles are designed by Zero Motorcycles, a California-based manufacturer, specifically for use by police agencies. With the ability to patrol on and off road, these highly maneuverable motorcycles are lightweight, nearly silent and exhaust-free. They provide increased visibility to areas of campus that are routinely inaccessible by standard vehicles, and they also can enable faster response time than possible for officers on foot or bicycle.

The motorcycles join a fleet that includes a John Deere Gator electric cart, 12 mountain bicycles and 15 traditional police cars and vehicles.

For more information about UDPD, visit its website.

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