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The Roost is the home of the live Blue Hens mascots
Roost is the home of the live Blue Hens mascots

The Birdgade

Real, live Blue Hens - with names - will be at Saturday’s football game

University of Delaware Athletics is proud to partner with the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources to bring live Blue Hens to our athletic events. Introducing the Delaware Birdgade – a proud troop of Blue Hens whose personality and stories pay tribute to the Fightin’ Blue Hens Revolutionary War background.

You can see the Birdgade at home football games at Delaware Stadium, including Saturday, Oct. 14 against William and Mary.

Captain Cluckers

Captain Cluckers: The Captain's motto is, "The Cluck Stops Here." She is a natural-born leader and was destined to be in charge of The Birdgade. Her soldiers are always walking on eggshells around her, but they respect her valor - she will always rule the roost.

Private Poultry

Private Poultry: The Private is a bit chicken-hearted. New to the Birdgade, Captain Cluckers is always afraid Private Poultry will fly the coop. He’s not a bad egg - he just needs a little confidence. Can this young soldier prevail or will he end up in hot chicken soup?

Corporal Doodle-Doo

Corporal Doodle-Doo: The Corporal is the funniest of the group. You can always hear him asking, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” But don’t let his yolks fool you – Doodle-Doo is no bird brain. He is a strong fighter and high in the Captain’s pecking order.

Dan Hougentogler is the trailer-coop architect.


The Roost: A trailer, designed by Dan Hougentogler, research associate in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences (ANFS), has been constructed to house the Hens for the pre-game activities and is equipped with a mock up football field and goal posts, as well as fans to keep the birds cool.

The live Blue Hens were named as a part of a public naming contest in Fall 2017. The University of Delaware Engineering Professor Jack Puleo and his wife Liles submitted the winning names selected by a robust search committee comprised of representatives across campus.


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