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Let us help you bring bring your innovation to life. As a University of Delaware Innovator, the Technology Transfer Office will help you protect your intellectual property, evaluate for patentability, access the marketability and cultivate an industry match for your innovation.

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When in doubt, disclose.

Disclosing your invention to UD prior to any public disclosure is essential for patent protection.

A public disclosure can occur through publications, abstracts, poster sessions, dissertation publications, conferences, press releases, blogs, social media posts, videos, etc.

Why is it important to disclose?

It is important to disclose an invention whenever a significant discovery has been made. Doing so protects your rights, prior to publishing or presenting, that could result in the commercialization of the technology, and allows you to continue your research with additional developments.

Protecting Your Innovation


When you disclose an invention to UD, the process begins to protect your rights, prior to publishing or presenting, that could result in the commercialization of the technology.

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The ecosystem at UD is here to foster and encourage researchers to become innovators. We are here as a resource for you. 


Meet With a technology Transfer Associate


UD uses resources and strategies to identify potential licensees and to market inventions in collaboration with UD inventors.

Often the existing relationship of the inventors, Technology Transfer Associates, and other researchers are useful in marketing inventions. Market research can also assist in identifying prospective licensees/marketing targets.

How We Support UD Innovators

  • Engage the inventing team
  • Support entrepreneurship, commercialization
  • Mentorship through the UD Commercialization Committee
  • Recognition of the inventing team

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Startup Possibilities: Technology Transfer Supports UD'S Budding Entrepreneurs

The goal of the UD Technology Transfer Office is to see your invention through to commercial use. We will work with you to decide among several potential commercialization pathways: a license to an established company; a license to a new company you could lead or be part of; or a license to a company formed by an entrepreneur other than yourself.

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UD Policies

The Bayh-Dole Act

In 1980, Congress enacted the Bayh-Dole Act, permitting the University to own inventions and patents made on federal grants.

The University must report its inventions and may elect to own and promote them.

The University has the right to license and commercialize inventions and intellectual property, subject to certain retained government purpose rights.

The University has all new faculty sign a “reminder letter” confirming obligations.

 Policy 6.6

This policy includes, but is not limited to, 1) the process whereby the rights of the researcher, the University, etc. are protected; 2) the process by which technology is evaluated; and 3) guidelines for incentives.

 Policy 6.7

This policy includes, but is not limited to, the process by which the rights and obligations of the University and the Author are secured.

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