Commuter Benefits through ASIFlex

On-Campus Parking Update

All employee parking deductions will be withheld on a post-tax basis effective with the first pay received after September 1, 2018.  Please contact parking services for permit costs.

Commuter Benefits through ASIFlex

Benefits-eligible employees are able to set aside up to $300 per month on a pre-tax basis for mass transit expenses incurred for travel to and from work and up to $300 on a pre-tax basis to cover expenses for on and off-campus parking. These pre-tax programs allow you to save 25% or more on the money you set aside to help pay for your out-of-pocket mass transit expenses and on- and off-campus parking expenses incurred as you travel to and from work. Because the money is deducted from your pay on a pre-tax basis, you can reduce the amount of Federal and State income taxes and FICA taxes on the amount of money you set aside.

Payroll deductions

Your pre-tax contributions will be deducted from the first two pay checks of each month. Elections you make by the 15th of a month will be deducted beginning with the next pay check of the following month, and the funds will be available for reimbursement the month following deductions. For example, if you make your election on or before July 15, deductions will be taken from the first two paychecks in August. You may submit reimbursements from those funds for expenses incurred in September. Elections or changes made after the 15th of a month will result in a one month delay. For example, for elections made between July 16 and July 31, deductions will be taken beginning with the first 2 pays in September, and the funds will be available for reimbursement for expenses incurred in October. Proactive planning will ensure that you receive the greatest amount of tax benefit possible.

How to enroll

There is no set enrollment period for either the Mass Transit or Parking Program. You can enroll in either or both programs anytime through ASIFlex’s website (Employer code: UDEL). You do not have to re-enroll each year; your enrollment will remain the same from year-to-year unless you change the amount, cancel your enrollment or leave employment with the University.

Mass Transit Expense Reimbursements

To use your contributions to the Mass Transit Program, you must request mass transit passes through ASIFlex. Currently, ASIFlex will issue passes for SEPTA, DART and AMTRAK. More information on how to request passes will be available on the ASIFlex website. If you take another form of mass transit, please contact ASIFlex for confirmation that a transit pass for that carrier can be issued.

Off-Campus Parking Expense Reimbursements

To use your contributions to the Off-Campus Parking Program, there are two options. If you have a monthly contract to park at Colonial Parking or Wilmington Parking Authority (WPA), you can choose the convenience of having ASIFlex pay the parking garage directly. For example, your August payroll deductions would be used to pay for your September monthly parking fees. However, you are not required to have ASIFlex submit the payment. You may file a claim for reimbursement from ASIFlex If you are a daily parker, or if you park at a facility other than Colonial or the WPA, you will be required to submit a claim to ASIFlex to receive reimbursement. Payments for valid claims will be issued within one business day of receipt, and there are two reimbursement options: ASIFlex can mail you a check, or you may elect direct deposit into your checking or savings account.

On-Campus Parking Expense Reimbursements

To use your contributions for on-campus parking, you will be required to submit a claim to ASIFlex to receive reimbursement.

Eligible employees who park in an on-campus location will continue to enroll through Parking Services’ e-Park Online Permit Request site. Deductions for on-campus parking may be deducted through the payroll process on a post tax basis effective Sept. 1, 2018.  

Key Points to Remember:

  • Enroll online for on-campus parking via Parking Services.
  • Enroll online for pre-tax deductions for on- and -off campus parking or mass transit passes via ASIFlex.
  • Enroll by the 15th of a month for pay deductions the next month and coverage the following month.
  • You must use your Employee Identification number to enroll.
  • You can change your enrollment amount (or cancel enrollment) at any time through ASIFlex’s website.

If you have questions about these new programs, please contact ASIFlex Customer Service by phone (800-659-3035) or by email to