Illuminating the Future of Health

See yourself as part of the future of health here at the University of Delaware. From classroom experiences, clinical opportunities, study abroad and more, you’ll learn interdisciplinary approaches that will help you develop the knowledge and skills to be part of the next generation of health-focused leaders in your field.

Recent News in CHS
  • Physical Therapy Graduation: Class of 2023

    March 24, 2023 | Written by Colin Heffinger
    55 students were recognized at the Physical Therapy program ceremony for the recently graduated Class of 2023.
  • Research Day

    March 23, 2023 | Written by Amy Cherry
    The College of Health Sciences holds its annual Research Day. This year's theme was Achieving Optimal Health Across the Lifespan.
  • Fuel for the Future

    March 21, 2023 | Written by Amy Cherry
    UD nutrition program brings together students from the Behavioral Health and Nutrition Department in the College of Health Sciences and student-athletes together. This spotlight is for National Nutrition Month.

Diversifying Rehabilitation Sciences

A new program spearheaded by Gregory Hicks from the University of Delaware and Elizabeth Skidmore from the University of Pittsburgh has been funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health to effectively confront and overcome challenges of eliminating health inequities that impact groups underrepresented throughout the healthcare workforce.


Physical therapy student David Smith works with a client to showcase operation of the kick machine in UD’s Physical Therapy Clinic.



UD Health’s comprehensive health clinics use research and education to take healthcare in a new direction. Major health and prevention services include: primary care, physical therapy, speech therapy, mental health services, care coordination, nutrition counseling, exercise counseling, and health coaching — all on one STAR Campus.

Explore the STAR Campus

The Science Technology and Research (STAR) Campus serves as the innovation hub for the College of Health Sciences. With research, personal clinical care and state-of-the art technologies, the sites at STAR are the first step towards building a healthier Delaware