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Oct. 28: 'Reflections on Alice and Lewis Carroll'

Explore the great puzzle of Alice, Wonderland and author Lewis Carroll

Everyone knows Lewis Carroll’s fantastical, nonsensical world of Wonderland. Now is the chance to dive deeper down the rabbit hole with Alice and Carroll during “Reflections on Alice and Lewis Carroll,” the fall meeting of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America (LCSNA), on Saturday, Oct. 28.

The meeting, which is open to the public, will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Class of 1941 Lecture Room in University of Delaware’s Morris Library on the Newark campus. A reception will follow on the third floor of Memorial Hall.

Alice in Wonderland illustration
Sir John Tenniel's illustrations to Lewis Carroll's Alice's adventures in Wonderland & Through the looking-glass: ninety-one prints from the original wood blocks engraved by the Brothers Dalziel from drawings by Sir John Tenniel & one print from an electrotype. London: Macmillan, 1988 (Special Collections, University of Delaware Library).

Throughout the day, participants will learn about many facets of Carroll, his literature and his legacy with discussions led by literary experts, including:

• “Martin Gardner: Behind the Looking-Glass” by Dana Richards, professor at George Mason University;

• “Old Russian and New Siberian Wonderlands” by Victor Fet, poet and professor at Marshall University;

• “‘Glorious Nonsense:’ Not Only Lewis Carroll, but Also Gertrude Stein” by Edna Runnels Ranck, early childhood care and education advocate and historian;

• “Alice: What’s in a Name?” by Sarah Boxer, critic and writer for several periodicals;

• “His Master’s Voice and Alice: Eldridge Johnson’s Adventure with Lewis Carroll’s Alice Manuscript” by August A. Imholtz Jr., collector and past president of LCSNA; and

• “I am Not a Carroll Collector” by Mark Samuels Lasner, senior research fellow at the University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press.

An exhibition of Carroll-related books and photographs from UD Library collections will be on display for all those in attendance.

For a complete schedule of events, please view the official LCSNA announcement.

Boxed lunches will be available for an inclusive cost of $30. After the reception, particpants also are welcome to attend a dinner buffet with the LCSNA at the Deer Park Tavern for $42. Alcohol is not included.

Those interested attending the meeting should register and pay in advance for any meals here. Once the form has been submitted, please email Sandra Parker, LCSNA secretary, at slparker51@gmail.com with your name and the names of anyone who will be joining you.

Participants also may register and pay via regular postal mail at P.O. Box 197, Annandale, VA 22003. Please make checks payable to LCSNA.

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