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Party dispersal

Newark Police make arrests for underage drinking at Saturday party

The Newark Police Department conducted a pre-planned controlled party dispersal initiative on Saturday, Sept. 17. A controlled party dispersal is a proactive law enforcement strategy aimed at identifying and safely dispersing underage drinking parties.

With assistance from University of Delaware Police, Delaware Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement (DATE), Delaware State Police and Middletown Police, Newark Police served a search warrant at approximately 4 p.m. to a residence in the 300 block of East Park Place, where a large party was underway with approximately 200 guests.

According to Newark Police, alcohol had been seen being freely distributed to guests many of whom appeared under the age of 21.

At the party, Newark Police and DATE made 180 arrests for underage consumption of alcohol, including two juvenile arrests. One subject was found unresponsive inside the residence and was taken to Christiana Emergency Room via ambulance for an alcohol overdose. That person was treated and released.

Charges are pending for the residents of the house where the party was held. The house was identified as an unsanctioned group, known as APES, which is not recognized by the University and is not affiliated with any national organization.

UD Police worked closely with Newark Police to get students who were arrested into the University’s Student Conduct System. Depending on the charges and the findings of the Student Conduct System, students who were arrested may be required to complete educational programming or they may receive disciplinary sanctions.

“The safety and welfare of our students is our highest priority,” said Dean of Students José-Luis Riera. “Our primary philosophy is to help students be safe by promoting smart choices when they do opt to drink and ensuring that they know they will be held accountable for their actions if they consume alcohol under the age of 21. To that end, we provide a number of prevention and intervention programs designed to assist our students in making personal choices."

The University highly discourages activities where there are large amounts of alcohol, since that promotes unsafe drinking patterns which increase the risk of harm to students.

UD is committed to working with the local community to ensure that the quality of life for both students and residents of the community is considered.


Members of the UD community may download a free smartphone app, LiveSafe, that lets users submit tips to police, receive important broadcast notifications and contact the University of Delaware Police Department directly. To learn more, visit this UD Police website.  

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