Student Employment

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Looking for a Job?

Find additional money for your education or other expenses with a part-time job either on or near campus.

Types of Jobs for Students

Work-Study Jobs

Work-study programs furnish federal or state funding to subsidize wages, providing on- and near-campus employment opportunities to undergraduate students with financial need.  University of Delaware employs Handshake to post on-campus jobs and those with campus partners.  Students use Handshake to create user profiles with which to review and apply to job postings.

Awarded students receive work-study in their financial aid package, but other students may be eligible.  If you do not already have an award, you can request an eligibility check at askSFS.

Non-Work-Study Jobs

Many departments on and near campus also hire students without work-study funding, and post their jobs on Handshake.

Additionally, visit UD Classifieds to view more UD community job opportunities, including those in the childcare and elder care fields.


Getting Hired

After applying via Handshake or the channels noted in classifieds listing, students (whether work-study or not) will be contacted by the hiring departments for interviews, scheduling, and/or job offers.  The hiring department will work with selected candidates to complete onboarding, the process by which UD employees are entered into the UD payroll system.

Employment requirements:

  • Criminal Background Check (CBC)
    All UD employees must clear a CBC, and, after receiving a conditional job offer, will receive an email from Sterling Talent Solutions requesting additional information.  The CBC is generally complete within 3 business days of submitting this information, at which point the new employee is eligible to begin work.
  • I-9 Documentation
    Completion of a Form I-9 verifies the identity and employment authorization of hired individuals and requires one or more of the following forms of identification.
    • US Passport OR
    • Driver's License AND
    • Social Security Card or Birth Certificate
  • Direct Deposit Enrollment
    All UD employees are compensated via direct deposit, and new employees must submit enrollment authorization form (which includes routing and account numbers) from their financial institution or a voided check.
  • Onboarding
    The onboarding process consists of completing a handful of online forms and the hiring department will manage this process with new student employees.


Clocking in & Getting Paid

Student employees typically fall into UD Payroll's bi-weekly payroll category, for which paychecks are issued on alternating Fridays.  Student employees will log their hours online using UDTime and supervisors approve those hours to be paid with each pay cycle.


Questions regarding pay should be addressed to the student's supervisor and/or Payroll.