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CSCR Director Holli Harvey speaks with a student

About Community Standards & Conflict Resolution


Our Mission:

Through fair, equitable, and restorative processes, we encourage students to explore how decisions impact themselves and others. We educate the UD community on standards of behavior, conflict resolution, and commitment to personal and shared accountability.


Community Standards & Conflict Resolution (CSCR) is excited to be a part of the Division of Student Life, serving students and the campus community. CSCR handles reports of alleged policy violations as well as situations centering around conflict issues.

CSCR staff reviews all information received against the Code of Conduct, which is a set of academic and behavior standards that all students must follow, and determines the appropriate process for addressing incidents. Depending on the nature of the incident, including the severity of the situation, the harm which resulted and the impact on the community, CSCR can decide to bring an incident through the case resolution process or utilize alternative conflict resolution options to address the matter.

Through the case resolution process students are afforded their due process rights as they work with a CSCR staff member to review their charges, discuss options and resolve their case.

CSCR can utilize alternative conflict resolution options such as restorative practices, facilitated dialogue and conflict coaching. CSCR assists students in working through conflict, helping them understand how they have impacted themselves and others, and to restore individuals and communities that have been harmed. CSCR will also work to give students the tools to resolve their conflicts on their own or with another student before they might rise to a higher level of conduct.

  • Students will read, know, understand and abide by the Code of Conduct.
  • Students know right from wrong and will make appropriate choices.
  • Students will take responsibility for their own behavior.
  • Students will be honest in all that they do and will admit when their actions and behaviors violate the Code of Conduct.
  • Students will understand if they violate the Code of Conduct and engage in behaviors that are detrimental to themselves and/or the community, they will be held accountable for this behavior and sanctioned accordingly.
  • Students will understand that egregious and/or repeated violations of the Code of Conduct will result in suspension or expulsion.
  • Students will be treated with fairness and respect and as independent adults.
  • Students will receive timely notification of charges, status updates and resolution.
  • Students will have their questions (regarding the conduct process, possible outcomes, sanctions, etc.) answered completely and in a timely manner.
  • Students will be referred to other campus offices or community agencies as needed.
  • Information regarding a student’s conduct history will be kept confidential, with information released only to those with a legitimate right to know such information.
  • In certain circumstances, students’ parent(s) or legal guardian(s) will be notified when the student is found responsible for violating policies contained in the Code of Conduct.

Main Office Team

Community Standards & Conflict Resolution

Holli Harvey-Dudlek

Community Standards & Conflict Resolution

Regina Donato

Associate Director
Community Standards & Conflict Resolution

Michael Fernbacher

Assistant Director
Community Standards & Conflict Resolution

Vincent Jackson

Assistant Director
Community Standards & Conflict Resolution

Kim Zitzner

Program Coordinator
Community Standards & Conflict Resolution

Taritta Kansichi

Case Manager
Community Standards & Conflict Resolution

Damaris Green

Administrative Specialist
Community Standards & Conflict Resolution

Meredith Young

Administrative Specialist

Student Conduct Advisors

Several UD faculty and staff have trained to assist students through the conduct process. Students looking for support as they navigate case intake meetings, preparation for hearings or submitting an appeal can contact their Student Conduct Advisor.

Student Conduct Advisors

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Community Standards & Conflict Resolution is part of the Division of Student Life, which advances equity and inclusion, deepens student learning and drives holistic development through education, experiences and communities.