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#UDInterns: Where Are They Now? Alex Huey

#UDInterns: Where Are They Now? Alex Huey

July 30, 2021 Written by Rachel Ornstein | Graphic by Gabriela Coleman

UD Class of 2018 alumnus Alex Huey was featured as a #UDIntern in 2015 for his Disney internship. His experience and the skills he learned help lead him to where he is today in digital marketing at Weber Shandwick.

Huey’s internship with Disney was through their college program; the food and agribusiness management and marketing major worked in the Magic Kingdom and learned the company’s daily operations. At Disney, he says he further developed his soft skills in communication, teamwork and problem solving to become a stronger performer.

“Thanks in part to this program, new doors opened,” Huey says. “I was offered a professional internship with the company after graduation where I worked on the marketing strategy team supporting Disney Vacation Club.”

While in his marketing role with Disney, Huey said he had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects focusing on brand awareness and lead generation. He says his time with Disney helped lay a solid foundation in marketing that he continues to build on today. 

Currently, Huey works at the global marketing and public relations firm Weber Shandwick.

“My role specifically focuses on digital marketing, and I’m lucky to have exposure to a variety of projects,” Huey says. “My general responsibilities include project and account management, analytics, measurement, reporting and content creation supporting a variety of accounts.” 

Huey says that this current position aligns with what he studied at UD and credits his internship experiences for preparing him for the role.

“The learning opportunities I had while I was a UD student both in and out of the classroom are what have helped me succeed in my role today,” Huey says. “I was able to gain professional social media experience, thanks in part to UD’s social media ambassador program during undergrad, and took a fantastic course in digital marketing analytics during my grad program that gave me hands-on experience with Google Analytics, paid search, SEO and PPC campaigns.” 

When asked what he would say to his younger self as a #UDIntern, Huey said he would urge himself to be more vocal. “Let people know what you’re up to, what you’re interested in and what you would like to do,” he says. “Most people want to see you succeed and will do what they can to help you grow along the way. Sometimes all you have to do is ask.”  

Huey advises current UD students to pursue professional opportunities to gain hands-on experience. “There will nearly always be a learning curve when starting a new job, especially for new graduates,” Huey says. “But if you’ve had prior experience using certain tools and show a demonstrated interest in your field, a hiring manager is much more likely to take a chance on you.”

Huey has advice for recent graduates struggling to find work. “I genuinely believe that everything happens for a reason and that the right opportunity for you will eventually come along,” he says. “Try not to get discouraged. My advice for any job searcher would be to leverage your network, not just as a search tool, but as a support group. Communicate with those in your network so they know to think of you if they see or know of an opportunity that aligns with your background.”

Huey notes the importance of giving back to students once you are out in the professional world.

“When you land your job, make time to help others succeed too,” he says. “Talk to students that are interested in your field and share your own advice. If you find yourself with an intern of your own, do what you can to help them learn and grow. Be willing to help others along the way. It’ll certainly pay off in the end.”

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