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Fall and Winter Recap: Community Awards, Recognitions, and Achievements

March 15, 2023 Written by Horn Entrepreneurship

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    March 20, 2024 | Written by Yashlee Francois
    Chrissi Rawak., University of Delaware’s Director of Athletics & Recreation Services, was the featured speaker at the 2024 WE Hatch Breakfast. WE Hatch is an initiative to support and advance creative, innovative and entrepreneurial women within UD and the broader community.
  • Get To Know Horn: Megan Pillsbury

    March 19, 2024 | Written by Yashlee Francois
    University of Delaware has welcomed a few new faculty members over the past couple years from a wide range of departments and fields. Gladly UD’s Ratcliffe Eco Entrepreneurship Fellows Program (REEF) has added Megan Pillsbury as their director in 2022. A talented individual like Megan Pillsbury has a lot to share and a lot for us to learn about. She was able to speak with Horn Entrepreneurship and share some more about herself, her role, and experiences.
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    Explore the enigma of Imposter Syndrome, plaguing even the most accomplished individuals. Delve into its origins, discover personal anecdotes from college students grappling with self-doubt, and learn practical strategies to break free from the shadows.
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