Graduate Programs

Presentation at a UD Data Science Institute meeting.

Data Science: M.S., 4+1, Ph.D./M.S

The M.S. in data science is a professional master's degree with a flexible set of core requirements in statistics, mathematics and computer and information sciences. It is aimed at providing a solid background in the methods behind data science to work with large and/or dynamic data sets. The program provides both the breadth of training and the flexibility to apply it in different fields. The flexibility allows for training in different categories of positions in data science. Data analysts use mathematical, statistical and modeling techniques to solve problems; data engineers design, build and maintain an organization’s data and analytical infrastructure; and data scientists create sophisticated analytical models to build new data sets and derive new insights from data.

Master of science, 4+1 options are available for the following majors: computer science, information sciences, computer engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, mathematics education and actuarial sciences.

Dual degrees in the following programs are available to graduate students: M.S. in data science and Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, M.S. in data science and Ph.D. in mathematics.


Application Deadlines


Feb. 1: Final deadline to apply



UD Tuition

The 2023-2024 UD graduate student tuition rate per credit hour is $1028.