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LinkedIn Learning (LIL) is an online collection of high-quality, self-paced videos and courses for all UD students, faculty and staff. This supports those who want to use LIL for their personal or professional development or with students for teaching and learning. Resources are designed to help you work your way through the login process, find and share meaningful content, and manage your own learning.

Explore how LinkedIn Learning can help you learn new technologies, develop critical business skills, and pursue thousands of other topics based on your specific career goals and interests. Then, get started by logging in, setting up your account, and selecting the skills you are interested in developing.

Access and Set up Your Account 

When logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to connect your LinkedIn account. Connecting your account allows you to share your learning with your LinkedIn network. You can still use LinkedIn Learning if you you do not have a LinkedIn account or do not wish to connect your LinkedIn account.

Choose Videos that Interest You

As part of setting up your account, you have the opportunity to set up the “Skills You’re Interested In” and “Recommendations” features before you jump into navigating the tool.

After logging in and setting up your account for the first time, you’ll be presented with several options for navigating, searching, and browsing for the videos you’re most interested in. You’ll also have control over how to navigate and play back the individual videos and courses you discover.

Find Your Way Around the Tool

Access Closed Captioning and Transcripts

Every video in the LinkedIn Learning database includes text-based closed captioning and transcript options.

Search and Browse for Videos

You can search for specific videos and courses, or for groups of related videos curated in Learning Paths.

If you want to go beyond finding and viewing videos on your own, LinkedIn Learning also provides options for curating and sharing videos with others. Share individual courses or create and share “collections”

Share Videos and Courses

Share videos and courses through a variety of methods including via link, through your LinkedIn Network, embedded into a Website or into the Canvas Learning Management System.

After locating your favorite videos, you can save them to watch later online or download to your mobile device. Keep track your progress via My Learning Page and then share your skills with your LinkedIn network.

Save Videos to Watch Later

Track your progress and Show Off Your Skills

Curator role: LinkedIn Learning's Curator role allows users to create learning paths, upload custom content, and share with designated groups within their LinkedIn Learning account. Required training

Sub Admins: LinkedIn Learning's Sub Admin role allows users to manage designated users and groups, generate reports, recommend learning, create learning paths, learning collections and custom content. Required training

Procedure for becoming a Curator or Sub Admin:

  1. Complete the training prerequisites and save a copy of the completion certificate(s).
  2. Submit a role request form and attach the completion certificate(s) from required training.
  3. Your supervisor and Talent Development will review the request and assign your role. Users will receive an email from LinkedIn Learning, confirming access to their requested role.
  4. Start creating!