President's Report 2021


The future — of digital education, of remote work, of urgent social change, of disruptive technology, of global connectivity — is here. The coronavirus pandemic and its evolving demands have accelerated the pace of change at the University of Delaware and throughout the world. At UD, we have done far more than adapt. We have thrived, and we are shaping our own place in this dynamic landscape.

Some of the highlights of our accomplishments during this past year are summarized in this report:

  • Rising to the challenge of COVID-19, we have worked diligently to protect our community, carry on our academic mission and advance the fight against this unprecedented disease.

  • Ensuring the success of our students through our innovative academic programs and services, we are especially proud that UD’s four-year graduation rate is fourth highest in the nation among all primarily residential four-year public institutions.

  • Creating leaders for today and tomorrow, from our Blue Hens in the White House and the National Academy of Engineering to our diverse and global community of scholars, innovators and entrepreneurs, we are serving the needs of society with dedication and pride.

  • Building a better future for all, we are expanding faculty excellence, redefining the college classroom, pioneering critical discoveries and innovation, and growing our beautiful campus while reimagining a boundless 21st century university.

As UD and the world emerge from the pandemic, we remain focused on the opportunities ahead. Yesterday’s “future” is now, and we are already planning ahead to harness the limitless possibilities of tomorrow. 

Dennis Assanis signature

Dennis Assanis
President, University of Delaware

Our Resilient Community



During the historic COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Delaware leveraged its unique resources — its dedicated people, its stature as a top-tier research institution, its culture of partnership and collaboration, its role as Delaware’s land-grant flagship university, among others — to overcome a multitude of challenges in 2020.




A rigorous and purposeful academic experience has always been a hallmark of the University of Delaware, where our students’ success is reflected in their accomplishments both in and out of the classroom. 


Our vibrant and growing faculty continues to challenge students, while opening new fields of research and discovery. We have redoubled our commitment to scholarly excellence at UD, as well as extending our reach to prepare students before they even apply for admission and serve alumni and adult learners throughout their lives.

Creating Leaders
for Today and Tomorrow

The University of Delaware cultivates leaders who are thoughtful, inclusive and creative, whether they are working in small communities or on the world stage.


Building a better future

With an unwavering focus on the future, the University of Delaware continues to invest time, talent and resources in exploration and discovery for the benefit of future generations.


President's Report 2021 | University of Delaware
President's Report 2021 | University of Delaware
President's Report 2021 | University of Delaware
President's Report 2021 | University of Delaware
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