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For our nation's new president, that vision was nurtured at the University of Delaware, where the top-ranked Joseph R. Biden, Jr. School of Public Policy & Administration expands horizons for the next generation of world-changing leaders. 

Drumline Battery of the UD Marching Band
UD Drumline performs at Presidential Inauguration

The Drumline Battery of the University of Delaware Fightin' Blue Hen Marching Band will represent UD and the state in the Presidential Escort after the swearing in of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States.

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Public policy excellence

Named for UD’s best-known Blue Hen, the Biden School is renowned for the education and opportunities it affords.

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Joe Biden, Class of 1965, is set to bring his Blue Hen values into the White House yet again. Mentors, colleagues and longtime friends say Biden’s nostalgic references to study sessions in the Scrounge, spring break trips or football scrimmages decades after they occurred are not surprising given the University’s formative impact. 

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Become a Blue Hen

As a leader in research and scholarship, the University of Delaware is one of the most popular universities in the U.S. With renowned faculty and academics —including
top-ranked programs in physical therapy, chemical engineering, education, business, public affairs and clinical psychology—UD attracts ambitious students and helps them go on to great things. 

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Return to campus: It's been a challenging year, but we're ready for a fresh start in 2021 with more face-to-face classes, more students living in residence halls, and more on-campus activities.


A Robotics Revolution

Researchers at UD are leveraging robotic systems to gain traction on tough problems. Learn how they are driving forward transformative solutions in agriculture, precision medicine, healthcare, cybersecurity, marine ecology and more.

Panos Artemiadis

Robots these days: Panos Artemiadis has been working on “brain-swarm” research that allows humans to control the collective behavior of robotic devices with brainpower alone.

Sambeeta Das

Microbots: Sambeeta Das’ dream is to develop self-driving microbots that would act like “helper bees,” working with engineered stem cells, actually doing nano surgery at the cellular level to create artificial organs and fill a dire need.

Jennifer Semrau

Advancing stroke recovery: Stroke is a leading cause of long-term disability, but UD Professor Jennifer Semrau is working to change that. With the help of a robot, she’s uncovering a critical sixth sense that gets sidelined with stroke.


Katherine Hudson

Antarctic food webs: Matthew Oliver and Katherine Hudson think that some biological hotspots in Antarctica may operate less like local farms and more like grocery stores. If they are correct, it could provide new information about how this ecosystem will be affected under climate change.

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UD experts are renowned for their expertise, research and diverse opinions.

A.R. Siders: youtube.com/watch?v=3hQ8CspOGbs


Disaster Research Center

A.R. Siders studies climate change adaptation and managed retreat – a set of options for communities to avoid building or living near areas that are vulnerable to sea level rise or flood hazards. Ultimately, her goal is to use research to inform policy change and provide guidance to homeowners so they can make the best decision regarding relocation.

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When Blue Hens face challenges, we face them together. Join fellow Blue Hens in supporting UD students suffering hardships as a result of the pandemic.