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JPMorgan Chase and the University of Delaware have partnered to launch the Spectrum Scholars program, expanding support for UD students with autism to empower them to have greater opportunities for fulfilling careers.

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Coast Day 2018

The annual event at the University of Delaware's Lewes campus this year showcased how UD scientists, staff and students are not only improving the understanding of ocean environments, but also serving local coastal communities.

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At the University of Delaware, undergraduate students are offered an expansive menu of research and service opportunities from the laboratories to the fields.

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Renowned for their expertise, research and diverse opinions, University of Delaware experts regularly provide insight into breaking news and our world's greatest challenges.

Tanisha Ford

Associate Professor of Africana Studies


Tanisha Ford is a nationally-known expert on social movement history and African-American culture and fashion, specializing in black feminist theory, pop culture and beauty and body politics. She is a cultural critic who has been interviewed on national news networks as well as an award-winning writer and author of “Liberated Threads: Black Women, Style and the Global Politics of Soul.”

Tammy Anderson

Professor of Sociology


Tammy Anderson has exhaustively examined the impact of drugs, alcohol and crime, specifically substance abuse and addiction and social problems impacting teens and young adults. She can also talk about addiction and its role and influence on popular culture.

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